Lynda Frost

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Lynda Frost

Certified Since:: 11/2019

My background:

Hi, I’m Lynda Frost. I have over twenty years’ experience in the corporate world, primarily as a business manager and project manager. I have worked in education, local government, financial services, information technology, manufacturing and retail, both in the private and public sector. I have been working in the online world since 2014. I became a Certified OBM® so I could use the knowledge and experience I have gained to help other business owners realize their success. I keep your business growing by coordinating the people, processes and projects that are vital to the successful of your business, so YOU can focus your time and energy on things only YOU can do in your business! I work IN your business, while you work ON your business.

As an OBM my ideal clients are entrepreneurs and small business owners. My passions are projects and operations management. I make decisions in the best interests of the business and I keep my clients focused. I have strong communication skills and I rock at leadership and developing teams. I am highly strategic and proficient with complex planning. I thrive on challenges and I get things done!

I am available to partner with clients around the world. Contact me to see how I can take a load off your plate and help you grow your business.

My Clifton Strengths are: Strategic, Learner, Analytical, Focus, Achiever

My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is INTJ - Vision oriented. Quietly innovative. Insightful. Conceptual. Logical. Seeks understanding. Critical. Decisive. Determined. Pursues competence, improvement.

Skills & Training:

Certified Online Business Manager
Certified InfusionSoft Partner
Certified Content Marketing Specialist
Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist

Master of Environmental & Business Management
Graduate Diploma in Management
Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors
Bachelor of Mathematics (Computer Science/Statistics)

To see all my skills, experience and qualifications, check out my LinkedIn profile.



Online tools & systems:

Adobe Connect | Book Like A Boss | Calendly | Canva | Dropbox | FaceBook | InfusionSoft |Instagram | Keap | LinkedIn | Loom | Moodle | MS Office | MS Outlook | MS Project | MS Teams | OneDrive | Skype for Business | Teamwork | Trello | Twitter | WordPress | Zoom

Numerous corporate information systems


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