Louisa Thiessen

Louisa Thiessen

Certified Since:: November 2023

Expert Overview

Are you an entrepreneur with a clear vision for your business's future, yet find yourself struggling with a plan to get there? If the answer is yes, it's time to gain clarity. Specializing in elevating 6 to 7-figure businesses to new levels of growth and operational excellence, I bring over 15 years of experience from the corporate heart of New York City, ready to lead your business into its next phase of expansion.
How I can elevate your organization through strategic planning and execution:
Strategic Business Planning: Together, we'll set ambitious goals and create actionable plans, focusing on immediate and long-term success. Every strategy is created to align with your vision, ensuring decisive steps toward your objectives.
Operations Management: Streamlining processes and optimizing workflows to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. We'll tackle inefficiencies and leverage the latest technologies to boost productivity.
Team Management: I'll help cultivate a culture of high performance, guiding your team toward exceptional results through effective leadership and collaborative strategies.
Strategic Recruitment: Ensuring your team is comprised of top talent, aligned with your business's goals. I'll assist in identifying and attracting skilled individuals who will contribute to your success.
Launch Planning: Elevating your product or service launches with detailed planning and execution, designed to maximize impact and success.
Mentorship: Offering wisdom and extensive experience, providing you and your team with invaluable support and insights for growth.
With a foundation in Business Administration and a minor in Community and Human Services, my expertise blends organizational management with strategic leadership. My journey reflects resilience and determination, resonating with the challenges you face as a business owner.
We are an ideal match if:
✅ You have a clear vision and a strong leadership mindset for your business.
✅ You value direct, honest communication and are committed to your business' growth.
✅ You're driven by more than just profit, seeking to build strong relationships and make a positive impact.
Don't let the demands of your business steal away your life and family. Partner with me to discover the perfect balance, and together, let's drive your business towards remarkable growth.
Reach out today, and let's make your business thrive Visit my website for more information.

Skills & Training:

✨ Strategic Business Planning
✨ Team Management, training and hiring
✨ Project Management
✨Launch Planning
✨ Metrics Tracking
✨ SOP Creation and implementation
✨ Degree in Business Management
✨ Training in Community and Human Services


English, Spanish

Online tools & systems:

✨ Dubsado
✨ Honeybook
✨ Calendly
✨ Moxie CRM
✨ Asana
✨ ClickUp
✨ Trello
✨ Teamwork
✨ Wix
✨ Mailchimp
✨ Flodesk
✨ Convertkit
✨ Dropbox
✨ Google Drive
✨ Microsoft OneDrive
✨ Voxer
✨ Slack
✨ Zoom
✨ Microsoft Teams
✨ Google Meet
✨ Missive