Laura Vukich

Laura Vukich

Certified Since:: 08/2021


Catalyst Virtual Partners. Together we will create change!
By definition, a catalyst increases the rate of a reaction without itself being consumed. This is exactly why we need to partner. Let me take care of the everyday business and the project management so that YOU will no longer be consumed by details. You are now free to go out and create MORE change. Strengthen and foster your established relationships, while also being freed up to make new connections with the energy, focus and enthusiasm needed to bring in new business!
As a trusted partner we will create a positive change in your business!
I have 25 years of expertise, knowledge and experience to be that strategic partner who is committed to caring for your existing customers, attending to the details, project management and leading your team. Customer service, trust and dependability are the cornerstone of our mission statement.
RESULTS - As your partner, it’s my job to make sure your business runs smoothly so that you can focus on prospecting more clients, making a difference and of course, more money. More phone calls, more in-person visits, more virtual presentations; the more you "touch people" the more business you will bring in. Get out there and Do It!!
PLANNING - I would love to collaborate with you and then take your ideas and make them a reality. Let me implement that plan and give us a roadmap to keep your business moving upward.
PROJECT MANAGEMENT - First we figure out your goals, then I will manage the plan of attack, following each task through to completion. We will set an appropriate timeline and budget.
OPERATIONS - I will oversee daily operations for your various projects and team management. We can review what you have in place, make any needed adjustments, and then keep daily processes efficient, moving forward and within budget. I am passionate about customer service and that organically carries out into the team, our accounts, potential customers and vendors.
LEADERSHIP - I have the patience, fairness, authority and training to lead a team large or small. I love to motivate, inspire, mentor and coach. I consistently create success with my team through strong communication; because I lead by example, I encourage trust and buy in, resulting in company-wide motivation and loyalty. I am a problem solver, logical thinker and a fair and honest leader.
If you are an ambitious, successful business owner ready to bring a trusted partner into your team, enabling you to let go of your role as manager and rise to your place as the leader of your business – let's get started on our partnership now to achieve stability, clarity, & growth within your business through automation, delegation, & management.
I would love to team up with a company that values independence, has a family environment, is casual, emphasizes customer service, trust and loyalty.
If all of this sounds like a good fit for you, give me a call so we can collaborate about how this will look for your business.

Skills & Training:

Extensive experience with business processes through advanced knowledge of:
Project Management | Process Improvement | Training and procedural documentation; Standard Operating Procedures | Sales Management | Data system transition and process creation, implementation, and improvement | Hiring & Onboarding | Solid, creative people manager with emphasis on performance development | Passionate about providing customer service within company as well as cultivating the importance of providing unparalleled experiences with outside customer relations | Team Leadership | Operations Management |Coach/Mentor | Budget Management | Vendor Relations | I possess...Integrity, Pride, Trust, Commitment, Passion, Patience, Perseverance and Reliability | I have over 20 years as a top level director in Business & Sales Management.

- Online Business Management Certification - International Association Online Business
Management, Aug 2021
- Leadership Training - SSCA Behavioral Consultants, Feb 2020
- Leadership Process - Motivating Achievement Certificate - SSCA Behavioral Consultants, Aug 2019
- Effective Communication - SSCA Behavioral Consultants, Oct 2018
Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Studies, University of California Fullerton
- Kahler Process Communication Model: Base: Thinker (responsible, logical and organized),
Phase: Persister (dedicated, observant and conscientious) High in Promoter (persuasive and



Online tools & systems:

Project Management: Teamwork, Basecamp
CRM: Hubspot, NetForum, Salesforce, Dubsado (Learning),
Schedulers: Calendly, Google Calendar
Websites: Wix
Productivity: Google Workspace (G-Suite), Microsoft Office Suite
Virtual Meeting Tools: Zoom
Document Sharing: GSuite, Dropbox
Payment Tools: Paypal, ADP
I'm a fast learner and can pick up whatever software you work with.