Laura Keith

Laura Keith

Certified Since:: November 2023

Expert Overview

Namaste! As a Certified Online Business Manager® I take the guesswork out of what needs to be done and when, who should do it, and in what way it should be done.

With me leading your team, together we can unlock the full potential of your vision, turning aspirations into impactful realities!

My Offerings:

* Clarity: As your OBM, I will create Systems and Processes that will streamline your business for peak efficiency.

* Growth: As your OBM, it's my goal to be proactive in analyzing the Metrics for business expansion and optimization.

* Freedom: As your OBM, I will empower and Lead Your Team, giving you the freedom to chase your entrepreneurial dreams!

Let me guide you and your team by prioritizing, strategically planning, and - most importantly of all! - partnering with you to create transformative opportunities for building and sustaining a thriving business.

Skills & Training:

Certified Online Business Manager®
Associate Certificate With Distinction - Applied Database Administration & Design, BC INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
Associate Certificate With Distinction - Applied Web Development, BC INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
Database Management & Hardware Maintenance, ACTIVELINXX
Travel & Tourism Business Management Diploma, CANADIAN TOURISM COLLEGE

Project Management
Team Management


* Project ~ Remedy, Surrey School District 36
* Project ~ Website Rebuild, BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation
* Project ~ Website Rebuild, BC Ministry of Health, BC School Fruit & Vegetable Nutritional Program
* Project ~ Audit & Assessment, BC Ministry of Health, BC Fridge Grant Program



Online tools & systems:

Adobe Muse
Adobe Photoshop
CMS Made Simple
Google Analytics
Microsoft PowerBI
Microsoft Project
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Visio
Planning Center
SAP Crystal Reports

NOTE: Having studied and worked in the IT industry for 10+ years, I am a quick study when it comes to any new software/system. No matter which position I started in a company, I always ended up with the computers! I am thrilled to learn about new software opportunities, especially if it helps with efficiency.