Kirstin Brenders

Kirstin Brenders

Certified Since:: February 2022

Expert Overview

Kirstin Brenders & Company specializes in Business Management, Strategy, and Implementation solutions for interior designers, design consultants, and architects.

Together, let's design a business that fits you! As your growth partner, I will alleviate the guesswork and provide you with actionable steps to streamline your design business.

You know the design business is challenging. You've done the hard work and created your own business by doing it all. Your success has shown you what you are capable of - a profitable company with a talented team. But you are not the type to stay where you are, and you want to...
* Stop working on the weekends
* Strategically focus your time and efforts on revenue-generating tasks
* Streamline your processes and grow your revenue
* Stop feeling overwhelmed and find clarity

After a solid track record in the commercial architecture and design industry for 18 years, I now partner with established small business owners like you to simplify your design business.

My mission is to help you get more hours, organization, and creativity out of your day.

I invite you to book a free discovery call today! Let's talk through your current challenges, the results you want to create, and how bringing me onto your team can help you get there.

Skills & Training:

Bachelor of Science: Interior Design (UT College of Architecture, Construction, and Planning 2003)
Registered Interior Designer (State of Texas)
Over 5+ years of studio management experience
Certified Online Business Manager



Online tools & systems:

Asana, Dubsado, Slack, Lastpass, Calendly, Wix, InDesign, Canva, Stripe, Zoho Projects, MyDoma, DesignFiles, Everhour, Harvest, Quickbooks, Gusto, Loom, Trimble, Newforma, Deltek, Zoom, Google Suite, and Microsoft Suite