Kim McNaughton

Kim McNaughton

Certified Since:: February, 2021


Strategic Planning is my jam! As a certified OBM® and ICF™ Coach, I partner with Holistic Coaches to create an aligned 90 day strategic plan so they can take focused action to build and expand their business without overwhelm and confusion.

If you,
👉🏼 are you feeling stuck or unfocused with next steps in your business journey,
👉🏼 need help finding clarity when it comes to setting your goals,
👉🏼 want to escape the overwhelm from the lack of time and clear direction,
I can help!

With my passion for supporting small businesses, I've created a robust offering focused on quarterly planning, which will align your vision and goals to an action-driven plan that will keep you moving forward with bi-weekly coaching. This alignment will elevate how you meet your quarterly goals and positively impact your long-term goals, one quarter at a time. If you are ready to stop winging it and start winning, let's partner!

I partner best with business owners that value
☆ Integrity
☆ Freedom
☆ Fun
☆ Personal Growth
☆ Holistic Living

Skills & Training:

Certified Online Business Manager; IAOBM, February 2021
Coaching Businesses; Mindvalley / Ajit Nawalkha, May 2020
Associate Certified Coach; International Coaching Federation, March 2020
Certified Coach; Human Potential Institute, February 2020
Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Training; SIYLI, March 2019
High Performance Leadership Certification; Cornell University, May 2018
M.A. Business Communications; University of Denver, 2000



Online tools & systems:

Productivity: GSuite, Microsoft Office
Project Management Tools: AirTable, Asana, and Trello
CRM: Dubsado
Accounting: Quickbooks and Freshbooks
Email Marketing Tools: MailChimp
Schedulers: Calendly
Websites: WordPress and Wix
Virtual Meeting Tools: Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype
Document Sharing Tools: Google Drive/GSuite and Dropbox
Team Tools: LastPass and Slack