Khara Malcom

Khara Malcom

Certified Since:: October 2020

Expert Overview

I partner with women-owned small businesses, empowering them to redefine how they manage, strategically plan, and prioritize, allowing for maximum impact, focused growth, and achievement of their vision.

Sounds good, but what does that mean?

As I was building my Online Business Management + Director of Online Operations (DOO) business, prepared to offer high-end strategy services and ongoing agency support like my peers, I realized that I was totally out of alignment.

I love everything small business!

The question became, “how can I provide Certified OBM & DOO levels of strategy and support to passionate and driven small business leaders while still honoring my core values and living in alignment?”

I offer focused Strategic Mapping™ Sessions, follow-up strategy support, and retainer-based project and team management services (if we're a great fit) to provide a combination of focused action, shared decision-making, and accountability.

Skills & Training:

Certified Online Business Manager (OBM)
Certified Director of Online Operations (DOO)
M.A in Educational Leadership & Special Education Administration
B.S. in Elementary & Special Education

Systems | Strategic Planning | Project Management | Team Management | Operations



Online tools & systems:

I love systems! If you're using it in your business, chances are, I have used it before or can figure it out!

Here are a few systems I have worked in with clients (or personally!):
ClickUp, Asana, Airtable, Trello
G-Suite, Microsoft 365
Wordpress, Leadpages, Kajabi
Slack, Microsoft Teams
Zoom, Skype, Loom
Convertkit, Mailchimp
Later, Hootsuite, Tailwind
Calendly, Harvest, Clockify, Toggl