Kendall Rhae

Kendall Rhae

Certified Since:: July 2019


When business is good, it shows. So tell me, where does it hurt?

✦ You’ve reached max capacity and need support to get your online business launched to the ‘next level’ (thru 6, into 7 figures and beyond)

✦ Your beautiful brain is bursting with brilliant new ideas but you’re already too busy to get creating on them

Doing it all yourself, you’re all out of time and are left wondering how you’ll ever get the always growing list of ‘things to do’ done

✦ You feel frustrated, there is so much going on you’re not sure what is getting done and what isn't

✦ Mostly certain, you think you know where the money is going, though there could be some leaks

✦ Business is meant to feel better than this, right now you feel stuck on Struggle St

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Are you ready to level-up and grow? ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hi, I’m Kendall, aka your Super-powered Solution. I’m here to help you take all of that ↑ and turn it into this ↓

Project ✶ Operations ✶ People ✶ Money → Management

I serve to create more capacity in your life as CEO.

Partnering with me means:

Freeing up your time so you can finally focus your full attention on the things only you can do to grow the business (marketing, product creation, sales, et al)

Giving you the space to serve your clients, who matter so dang much to you, more value

▸ Your business grows successfully on strong foundations (Hello, Standard Operating Procedures!)

Maximizing the superpowers of your team, who are a cohesive unit and get things done - quick

Eliminating those drains on your profit

Kendall’s incredible skillset to detail and vision was invaluable. She has professional and effective communication skills and helped to share the message of JS Coaching globally.” ~ past client

Book your Discovery Call, we'll talk about your unique needs and how I can serve them.

Ain’t nobody got time for Struggle St.

Let’s build your business, together.

Skills & Training:


✶ OBM Mastery w/ Sarah Noked and Tina Forsyth

✶ Certified Online Business Management (OBM) w/ Sarah Noked

✶ Marie Forleo's B-School

✶ IAOBM Profit First 101



Online tools & systems:

Asana | Canva | Dropbox | Freshbooks | GSuite | Hootsuite | LastPass | LinkedIn | MS Office | WordPress | WP Engine | Zoom