Katherine Dyer

Katherine Dyer

Certified Since:: October 2020


My mission is to empower ambitious, growth-minded business owners to make their vision a reality, on their own terms and with control and ease. I partner with CEO's to enable you to create a holistic and personalised business strategy, aligned to your vision and mission. I provide you with accountability and structure to enable you to focus and deliver the results and momentum needed to achieve your mission and vision.

Using my 16 years experience of managing teams, delivering projects and creating structure and operational processes, I will work in partnership with you to help you create strategic plans which will make your vision a reality.

Skills & Training:

Certified Online Business Manager
Certified Director of Operations
BSc Psychology

During my career I have worked for several large multinational companies, working my way to a senior level within HR as a Recruitment Business Partner, before hopping over to the operational side as an Operational Excellence Manager. Managing a large team, budgets and delivering multi-site projects provided me with fantastic challenge and growth, while at the same time implementing process improvements, systems and changes which directly impacted the efficiency of entire departments.



Online tools & systems:

ClickUP/ ASANA/ Trello
Hootusite/ Buffer/ Later
GDrive/ Office365
Book Like a Boss/ Calendly/ Acuity