Kaiya Brooks

Kaiya Brooks

Certified Since:: February 2022

Expert Overview

With 18 years of Business Management experience with Landholding / Development / Leasing corporations, I have an in-depth understanding of the struggles of the modern business owner and CEO. Business Management is literally my jam! Did I mention that I can dive into metrics recording and analysis until someone forces me to come up for air? You can definitely leave those spreadsheets to me if you’d like 🙂
From working with teams to setting up/ fine tuning systems and processes, you can count on me to be the partner that cares for your business as much as my own. I have the training to leverage my experience and help you take your business to the next level, bringing structure to chaos, or freeing you up from day-to-day management responsibilities to work in your Zone of Genius and to have time to pursue your other goals and interests.
My favorite activities offline are kayaking on the Buffalo National River, hiking (especially near our mining claim, complete with old cabin ruins, on the backside of Mount Princeton just outside of Buena Vista, Colorado), and playing/cuddling with our family dogs.
I am passionate about helping children in need and am so honored to have served as a T.I.M.E. Mentor, which led us to provide a host home for a few wonderful girls!
I would love to chat with you and learn more about your business, hopefully we will be a great match. 😊

Skills & Training:

Associate of Applied Science, Criminal Justice, Arkansas State University Mountain Home
Associate of Arts, Arkansas State University Mountain Home



Online tools & systems:

I love learning new tools and have been a leader in implementing an array of industry-specific online tools and systems, and I haven't met one yet that has stumped me!
A few of my favorite tools for the online business are: