Justin McCollum

Justin McCollum

Certified Since:: 11/2023

Expert Overview

I help business owners reclaim time and mental energy for revenue generating activity. I want you to enjoy working in your business, and to have the time and creative energy to restore work life balance or take on new, exciting ventures. I aim to be your trusted, strategic partner so that it doesn't feel lonely at the top. And I strive to provide leadership in the business, so that you are no longer the only one driving everything.

In my career, I have been an elementary educator, homeschool dad, freelance web designer and video creator, productivity coach, zero-gravity thinker, curriculum and copywriter, and real estate investor and property manager. What I've learned about myself is that first and foremost, I'm an "integrator," excited to partner with a "visionary" to run and grow exciting businesses.

Outside of work I enjoy running and kettlebell training, camping with my family, disc golf, fishing, and reading. I'd love to get to know your and your business!

Skills & Training:

Strategic Planning: annual and 90 day plans
Project Planning and Management
Launch Planning and Management
Systems Creation
Standard Operation Procedures
Team Hiring and Management
Metrics Tracking

16Personalities: Logistician
Strengths Finder top 5 strengths: Learner, Analytical, Intellection, Deliberative, Relator



Online tools & systems:

My approach is not to focus on becoming a true expert in any one tool or system, but to be comfortable and confident with online tools in general, while always starting with the needs of the business in mind. Rather than pigeonholing your business into my specific area of expertise, I use my general knowledge and comfort with tech tools to recommend, adopt, and use what best meets the needs of your business.