Julia Benben

Julia Benben

Certified Since:: November 2020

Expert Overview

I help Entrepreneurs by taking care of the systems so they can take care of their mission.

I specialize in launch management and building systems and automation into your workflows, giving you less stress and more time for creating success.

I decided to get Certified as an OBM to formalize the skills and experience:
I have a deep knowledge of launching new products, courses, and businesses.

Over the past 25 years, I have created, built, and sold several companies and brands, giving me hands-on experience launching a wide variety of products and services while maintaining unique systems so organized that they allowed me to keep my sanity so my businesses could grow with ease and flow.

I have a unique understanding of what entrepreneurs need "I get you" and I am a systems and organization Nerd.

I can bring a level of efficiency and flow to your business that will:
►1. Help settle your mind and reduce your sense of overwhelm, overwhelm that’s crippling the potential of so many digital entrepreneurs these days.
► 2. Make your business run like a well-oiled machine so you can be a massively successful entrepreneur, both in impact and income.
►3. Help you build a work/life balance so you can enjoy your family and your dreams.
Nothing would make me happier than helping other heart-centered entrepreneurs succeed in this new digital frontier of business… really succeed.

I work with business owners who are pursuing conscious evolution within their companies and within themselves. My ideal clients are thought leaders and educators in the wellness space who are genuinely vested in their clients' betterment and sharing ideas that can change the world.

Skills & Training:

IAOBM®️ - Certified OBM with Sarah Noked and Tina Forsyth
Marie Forleo’s B-School- Online Marketing and Strategy - 2014
York University Toronto- Economics and business



Online tools & systems:

G-suite/ Google workspace