Jessica Pegg

Jessica Pegg

Certified Since:: February 2023

Expert Overview

Through each business I have started (there's been a few!) I have always held the vision that I want to help women create a better world. Now that I've realized that I was always meant to be in operations- the vision is more clear- Help more female identifying business owners become millionaires.

My team and I are here to support you in your zone of genius- we'll take care of the structure and the processes so you can take care of the vision and the impact.

If you ever feel like- "Things aren't moving fast enough!" or "Why does this feel hard?", then this is your opportunity to take responsibility and change the path that you are on. It's time to BE who you envision so you can HAVE what you prefer and you do that by behaving (be+ have) like the CEO you desire to be. Be her NOW and the rest will come.

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Skills & Training:

* Funnel Building
* Email List automation + segmenting
* Project Management
* Operations Management
* Team Management & Recruiting
* Launch Management
* Systems Building
* Wix Website Management
* Strategy
* Planning
* Various Office Management roles from 2010-2017
- Assistant Branch Manager at one of the top 5 Canadian Financial Institutions
- Small Business Banker
* Certified Financial Planner (expired)
* Certified Life Coach
* Certified Health Coach



Online tools & systems:

I'm quick to learn most systems and pride myself on being able to get in and get to work quickly.
I also have a team to assist me and together, there aren't many systems we don't know.
The most common platforms I use on a regular basis are;
> ClickFunnels
> ActiveCampaign
> ClickUp
> Teamwork
> Trello
> Asana
> Go High Level
> Acutiy
> Honeybook
> Wix
> Zapier
> Zoho One
> Google Suite
> Microsoft Suite