Jessica Foots

Jessica Foots

Certified Since:: August 2023

Expert Overview

Hey there busy entrepreneur!
Ready to design your business with intention? We empower entrepreneurs to become CEOs by removing operational bottlenecks, filling gaps with customized automated systems & efficient teams, producing businesses that run like clockwork & make scaling automatic. Turning "small" businesses into businesses.

We help business owners focus on purpose, passion, & profit again by streamlining their operations.

⚙️ Scale your business
⚙️ Regain time to work on revenue-generating activities
⚙️ Build robust productive teams
⚙️ Enjoy business freedom
⚙️ Conquer your most ambitious goals

Get In Touch:
🔗M: 469-833-1336

Skills & Training:

Certified OBM
Systems Strategist
Operations Enthusiast



Online tools & systems:

Notion Database Builder
Asana Optimizer
Click Up Lover
Various PM Tools - skilled in automations & integrations