Jen Hunter

Jen Hunter

Certified Since:: May 2024

Expert Overview

Hi there, I'm Jen, an Online Business Manager (OBM) specialising in working with Neurodivergent business owners. I support the growth and management of businesses so that business owners can focus on what they do best (and what they enjoy!).

My journey with ADHD led me to specialise in supporting entrepreneurs who are also neurodivergent.
With a decade of experience in roles focused on people’s well-being, including a significant six-year period as an adult social worker, I developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise. My background and experience of running multiple businesses have equipped me with unique skills, training, and a deep understanding of Neurodivergent individuals and both their business and personal needs.

Being Neurodivergent myself, I understand firsthand the challenges you might face in finding the right support for your business. This shared experience allows me to connect with you on a deeper level and truly appreciate the importance of a tailored support system that works for you.

You might wonder, "How can someone with ADHD be so organised?" Well, I get asked that a lot!

Everyone is different, and for me, ADHD enhances my organisational skills (I love a good list!). It also allows me to simplify complex tasks, juggle multiple responsibilities efficiently, and bring a creative, outside-the-box perspective, especially when brainstorming and problem-solving.

Just like you, I followed my passions, which led me to create the business you’re learning about now. Helping others has always been a driving force for me. Seeing people thrive and celebrating their success and growth is the greatest job satisfaction I could ask for. I truly believe in the power of working together to unite and uplift our amazingly talented Neurodivergent community.

So, let’s combine our strengths and form an empowered team, ready to tackle any obstacles that come our way. Together, we can achieve incredible things.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, exploring local coffee shops, and travelling. Although I'm currently based in the UK, I'll be working remotely from Thailand starting in September 2024, while maintaining UK business hours.

Skills & Training:

BA Hons degree, Social Work:

My degree in Social Work (BA Hons) instilled in me a deep understanding of human behavior, effective communication, and a commitment to social justice. This background, combined with experience in team management, budgeting, and upholding legal and ethical standards, equips me to support your business with empathy, practical solutions, and a focus on your overall well-being.

Accredited OBM (IAMOBM): Expertise in business strategy, business reviews, action plans, project management, team leadership, launch preparation, and more.

ADHD coaching Diploma: I am currently pursuing the ADHD Coaching Diploma from the ADHD Foundation, the highest qualification for ADHD coaching in the UK. With one year completed, I am already equipped with advanced knowledge and a diverse range of strategies to support neurodivergent individuals. This specialised training, combined with my accreditation in Online Business Management, allows me to offer neurodivergent-friendly business coaching and operational support that is uniquely tailored to your needs.



Online tools & systems:

To name a few, but not limited to:

CRM & Automation: Keap, Zapier, 17hats, Clickup, Hubspot, Capsule, Salesforce,

Project Management: Asana,, Motion

Email marketing: Mailerlite, Mailchimp

Integrations: Zapier, chrome add ons.

Metrics: Ubersuggest, Semrush

Finance: Xero, Freeagent, Quickbooks