Jacki Hayes

Jacki Hayes

Certified Since:: 02/2022


I help biz coaches grow and scale their businesses through group coaching programs.

I’m a business owner, Ravenclaw, Capricorn, feminist, bookworm, homesteader, powerlifter, and super-hero enthusiast. I’m obsessed with my chickens, Fun Day Fridays, and creating a life in sync with the seasons.

I love to solve the problems of overwhelm, inefficiency, and a lack of growth due to a hustle mindset and lifestyle. I have a talent for finding the most effective path toward a goal, approaching problems systematically to find the best solution, setting the pace, and defining productivity levels.

I’ve worked as an animal hospital receptionist, administrative assistant, communication specialist, informal science program director, and university lecturer. While each role was uniquely different, they each taught me that I have a knack for finding the most efficient and effective way to do any task. Now I’m using that skill to help business coaches become the CEO of their businesses and their dreams.

I’ve worked with numerous coaches, in multiple stages of business. From less than $100k annual revenue to nearly $1 million. And what I’ve learned is that all of them needed consistent, high-quality support so they could focus their energy and time on coaching and being the CEO of their business. What I often witnessed were coaches who became bogged down in the day-to-day details of running a business. Or overwhelmed by the magnitude of launching a new program. They often froze, got in their own way (self-sabotage anyone), or just completely gave up.

Here is where support was critical - a strategic plan that felt accessible (but stretched them just enough).

This is what lights me up. Helping a coach go from flight or freeze to confident and glowing with success.

Skills & Training:

Certified OBM | Community Facilitation | Workflow Development | Project Management | Strategy | Planning | Research | Graphic Design | Copywriting



Online tools & systems:

Google Workspace | Squarespace | Mighty Networks | Kajabi | Teachable | ClickUp | Trello | Convertkit | Mailchimp | Canva | Honeybook | Dubsado | Acuity | Calendly