Helen Green

Helen Green

Certified Since:: May 2023


👋 Hello there! I'm Helen, your certified Online Business Manager® based in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland within the United Kingdom. I bring a combo of operational finesse and tech-savvy expertise to the table. My comfort with teamwork and also solo work with ability to thrive in the fast-pace of most businesses make me an ideal partner for those who value adaptability and agility. I truly shine when tackling challenges head-on and keeping a cool head in the midst of the storm. If you're seeking a collaborative partner with these traits, let's connect and explore how our complementary skills can drive innovation and success!

💼 Since 2016, I was the driving force behind my own Virtual Assistant business, where I passionately supported Executives and Business Owners in their quest to reclaim both time and money. As their trusted right hand, I seamlessly navigated the intricate world of business management. 🌟

📊 Now, as an OBM®, I excel at crafting streamlined processes, orchestrating projects and teams, and equipping you with the essential tools needed for your customers and clients. I step in precisely when you find yourself overwhelmed by the intricacies of running the operational side of your business, redirecting your focus towards revenue-generating activities.

🗝️ I have done a lot of work with clients on sculpting the 'customer-focused journey,' be it optimising existing systems or crafting the ultimate 'customer onboarding experience' alongside them.

🛤️ My journey toward becoming an OBM started with a desire to extend beyond my VA business. As I nurtured my team, I recognised the need to strengthen and enhance my own skill set and pinpoint where I could be of maximum assistance to my clients.

🌍 My professional history is as diverse as it is colourful! I embarked on my career in a family business, honing my skills from the ground up. This led me into the corporate realm, and for a decade, I had the privilege of overseeing Hotel & Pursers Departments on luxury cruise ships, travelling the globe as I did so! After returning to solid ground, I rejoined the corporate world, serving as the trusted "right hand" to global CEOs and VP's. While hugely rewarding, the call for greater flexibility in my working life prompted the launch of my VA business as I had a very young child at the time (who is now a tween!)

My experience operating at the highest levels of organisations is extensive, and I possess a deep insight into the intricacies between running and managing a business. My creative flair has also proven invaluable when collaborating with clients from unconventional and creative industries.

Here are the services I offer to supercharge your business:
> Retainer: Monthly operations, team, and project management support
> Client Onboarding Package: CRM implementation + the creation of a captivating welcome package and customer journey (complete with a proposal, contract, invoice, and scheduler) + a comprehensive standard operating procedure outlining your sparkling new onboarding flow
> VIP Days & Strategy Sessions
> Systems & Automations

My personality type is Protagonist (ENFJ-A). Here's a glimpse of my traits: Extraverted – 64%, Intuitive – 77%, Feeling – 68%, Judging – 82%, Assertive – 67%. Role: Diplomat and Strategy: People Mastery

🌟 Now, for a few fun facts that not everyone knows about me:

🚤 I'm a trained lifeboat operator, capable of lowering a lifeboat from the side of a moving ship into the water!
🚗 I have a passion for all things Volkswagen (the more clapped out and old the better!)
🌊 When I'm not immersed in work, you'll often find me immersed in water or activities with my daughter.
🌟 Above all else, I thrive on collaborating with dynamic individuals.
🌐 Ready to embark on a transformative journey together? Let's connect and explore how I can elevate your business to new heights! 🚀

You can connect with me in whatever medium you choose, I'm active online with DM's/contact forms, my email is regularly monitored and of course you can book in an intro call directly (links are in all my social bio's and website).

Skills & Training:

Aside from being a certified OBM®, I also have the following training/experience:-
25+ Years Working at Executive Level
7 Years Owner/Operator - Virtual & Executive Support Business
Fellow - Executive Personal Assistants Association (FEPAA)
10 Years of running a Hotel/Pursers Team onboard luxury cruise line
Johnson & Wales Hospitality & Hotel Management
2020 - Scottish VA of the Year Award
Interior Design Diploma & Home Styling/Staging



Online tools & systems:

Project Management > Monday / ClickUp / Asana / Trello / BaseCamp
Email clients > Google Workspace and Microsoft suite of products
Launch Management > Thinkific / Kartra / Thrivecart
Smartsheet, HoneyBook, Dubsado, Squarespace, Wix, Duda, WordPress, Slack, Canva, and Calendly
(there are more...)