Heather Vincent

Heather Vincent

Certified Since:: November 2023

Expert Overview

Being a CEO/ Founder/ Entrepreneur can be lonely at times when you run an online business.

💡 Are you lying awake at night worrying about your business?
💡 Are you feeling drained and crossing your fingers that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes?
💡 Are you so caught up in the weeds, juggling everything, you don't know where to turn next?

I work with you IN your business, I am your strategic growth partner. I thrive on being part of a growing team whose ethos is to get things done. I am your listening ear, confidante, and objective pair of eyes.

We will look at every moving part of your business from Operations to Systems and Metrics to HR.

I take away the daily stress so you can focus on growing YOUR business.

🇬🇧 UK based, I take a holistic view, each part of your business is intertwined, and when these align, growth happens naturally.

I listen and I genuinely care - I love working with CEO’s who are open to advice and suggestions and will be fully engaged and transparent about their business. Does this sound like you? ⬇️

👀 We will look at the big picture first and then examine the different business areas - Operations, HR, Finance, IT Systems - The spine of your business

🤝 Establish what your business goals are - We will work on your quarterly and yearly goals and put these into action whether that is new systems, projects, team growth or creating new processes

🌱 Take a holistic approach, how are the issues intertwined and what fix will impact another - putting SOP's in place to enable you to grow a team with ease or looking at your customer journey with the current systems in place

🚶‍♀️ Implement (along with you and your team) the steps that are needed to move towards the vision you have for your business - set up and manage projects, the team and delivery or put in new systems to streamline your operations

💡 Develop a simple methodology so that everyone in the business understands WHY they are being asked to carry out certain tasks - Standard Operating Procedures - you know what they are, but no-one has time to do them, I love them 😀

➡️ I work with a maximum of 2 businesses at once so that I can dedicate my time to you.
➡️ I'm a trained VA Coach and have a number of VA contacts I can hire to support your growing business.
➡️ My diary is available for one off specific projects, whether that is a new service or product launch, recruitment and team structure or implementing a new systems

Skills & Training:

Certified Online Business Manager®️
APMP (Association of Project Management Professionals)
Certificate in Management (MBA programme)
Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Google)
Adwords Fundamentals (Google)
BSc Honours Degree in Business and Information Systems



Online tools & systems:

Having a systems background I love learning new platforms and it won't take me long to work my way around a new piece of software. I am most proficient and expert in:



G Workspace
MS Office/Teams



Active Campaign