Heather Smockum

Heather Smockum

Certified Since:: November 2023

Expert Overview

Are you a rockstar 🌟entrepreneur, founder and CEO who is facing any (or all) of these challenges? Then we need to work together!!!
🌿 Wish there was someone to nurture your business growth while you focus on what truly matters?
🧨 Bursting with great ideas but short on capacity to execute them?
😵‍💫 Feeling like planning is a perpetual scramble?
👥 Struggling with team management, development, and delegation?
👀 Finding it tough to give your team the attention they need?
What can I do for you?
✅ Cultivate vibrant strategies to help your business bloom and thrive.
✅ Design user-friendly workflows that make work feel like a breeze.
✅ Nurture your team's growth to transform them into your dream squad.
✅ Streamline processes, creating more wiggle room for your business to shine.
✅ Lead projects with style, ensuring efficient and triumphant outcomes.
Why I'm amazing and why teaming up with me is a fantastic choice:
✨ People Skills: I'm a clear communicator who leads with support and empathy.
✨ Innovation: I'm constantly on the lookout for better ways to work smarter, not harder.
✨ Lifelong Learner: I'm a curious sponge, always wanting more knowledge.
✨ Problem Solver: I get a kick out of turning challenges into opportunities.
✨ Adaptability: I'm the type to easily roll with the punches and adapt to any situation.
✨ Results-Oriented: My focus is on delivering practical solutions that get the job done.
🦸 And be your experienced sounding-board!
A few of the many things we can focus on together:
💼👥 Team management - because teams make your business tick
🛠️🔍 Systems reviews - lets see how things in your business work (or don’t!)
📝✨ SOP creation - document processes (so the team can go on vacay!)
📊🚀 Project Management - tasks done and goals crushed without breaking a sweat
📈🔍 Analytics & KPI tracking - tracking and focusing on the right things!
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Skills & Training:

🎓 Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) - Human Resources Professional Association
🎓 Certified Yoga Instructor (200 Hr)
🎓 Bachelor of Business Administration - Human Resources



Online tools & systems:

Microsoft 365
Google Workspace
Active Campaign
Meta Business Suite

I'm tech-savvy, and my repertoire of technology skills is continuously expanding. I act as tech support for my family and friends, and am always delving into new systems.

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