Emily Sedillo

Emily Sedillo

Certified Since:: April 2019


I leverage technology, automation, and strategic team delegation to help business owners hit growth objectives:
- delivering consistently outstanding, personalized service to your customers/clients
- streamlining your business processes so your team can do more in less time, with less reliance on you
- keeping track of your leads and nurturing them through your sales pipeline- no more dropped balls
- using analytics to understand how your business is performing, and decide what we'll improve next.

Who I work with:

I partner with small business owners who are growing their businesses beyond $10k per month. You're looking for someone to bring reliable process and organization to your team, so you can spend your time outside the day-to-day operations. You're looking to use software and automation to deliver outstanding, personalized connections with your customers/clients, turning them into your raving (and referring) fans.

What's different about me:

I have 20 years of experience leading teams and hitting business objectives in the technology industry, including working as a Program Manager at Infusionsoft (now called Keap). I understand that implementing a tool or completing a project may not necessarily mean our objective has been reached. I work with you to define the goal we're targeting, and what success looks like, and then flex the strategy, tools, people, and projects to achieve it. I get excited about watching a business evolve though time.

Some business owners are looking for someone with experience in leading software development teams- I have a rich history there. Other clients need someone who can become an expert in the software tools they're using, to get the most out of them for their particular situation. I'm great with that too.

I've worked with teams across many time zones- working outside typical PST work hours is not a blocker for me.

How others have described me:

- Organized and methodical
- A positive leader of teams
- Dependable and reliable
- Delightfully tenacious (one of my favorites)
- Detail oriented

Skills & Training:

- Certified Online Business Manager
- Certified Agile Product Owner
- BS Systems Engineering
- Previous Technical Program Mgr at Infusionsoft (now called Keap), in the Product Development group.
- Software development background- whatever your tool suite is, I can learn it.
- Analytics and metrics background



Online tools & systems:

I'm really comfortable working with many different software tools, here's a sampling of the ones I use most often.

CRM and business automation:

- Infusionsoft (previous employee)
- Keap (previous employee)
- Convertkit
- Zapier


- Google suite of tools
- Microsoft Office (Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Project, etc)
- Calendly
- Go To Meeting
- Zoom
- Slack

Project and team management:

- Teamwork
- Trello

Business Analytics:

- Google Analytics
- Google Big Query
- Looker
- Tableau
- SQL (database querying)
- Microsoft Power BI

Other technical skills:

- Wordpress
- Waterfall lifecycle
- Agile (Scrum, Kanban)