Diane Evans

Diane Evans

Certified Since:: May 2023

Expert Overview

As someone who actually enjoys (and is pretty darn good at) setting up structure & systems…I can take your big ideas and put the back-end processes, timelines, and action plans in place to turn your exciting middle-of-the-night ideas into a successful service or program.
I can help you pull all your visionary ideas into a low-stress, revenue-generating structure with a long-term strategy.
My detail-focused brain and over 20 years of business experience can bring you and your business to the next level…AND allow you to start living the balanced life you dream about.
🌟 Strategic Planning and Implementation -->
Together we’ll develop strategic plans tailored to your unique business goals. I’ll work closely with you to align your vision with actionable strategies, making sure that every step you take leads you closer to where you want to go with your business.
🌟 Team Coordination and Management -->
As your business expands, building and leading your team becomes crucial. I’m going to help you with team building, communication, and project management. I’ll streamline your team's efforts, facilitate seamless collaboration, and ensure everyone is working towards a common goal.
🌟 Systems and Process Optimization -->
Do you feel like your business is the most efficient it can be? I’ll start with identifying areas for improvement and then implementing streamlined systems and processes. Let’s use the latest technologies and automation tools, so you and your team work smarter and get better results.
🌟 Scalability and Growth Strategies -->
As your business continues to expand, scaling up smoothly can be pretty challenging - and a bit overwhelming. I’ll help you develop growth strategies that align with your long-term vision.

✔️ You’re a creative female business owner who has big dreams and loves to deliver the best course, experience, or service to your clients.
✔️ You need some help with all the day-to-day systems, organization, and team management stuff that keeps you from doing what you do best.
✔️ You already have a team member or two (or you’re ready for one) and need support on the higher-level stuff from a skilled collaborator.
✔️ You understand boundaries and are good at setting (or accepting) expectations, allowing your team to thrive at work, while also thriving in their personal lives (i.e. you’re not sending an email on Saturday at 8pm and wondering why your team isn't replying )

I have over 20 years experience leading projects and programs in the healthcare, technology, and travel industries. Part of that experience includes owning my own online course business - so I absolutely get how incredibly hard it is to run the whole show. To do it all and sometimes feel like you’re just not moving forward fast enough. Or at all.

During all those years of experience, what I discovered is that I’m pretty amazing at problem solving - figuring out what’s missing, what’s not quite working, and how to make things better.

I’ve worked with teams across many time zones, and one day I plan to move to France (I’m still working on my husband, but he’s coming around). So I guess what I’m saying is that I’m ‘time zone flexible’.

Visit my website to learn about my monthly retainer package and VIP days, or go to this link to schedule some time to chat: https://calendly.com/dianeevans-co

I look forward to meeting you and finding out about your business dreams!

Skills & Training:

→ Certified Online Business Manager, IAOBM
→ Business By Design, James Wedmore
→ Product Launch Formula, Jeff Walker
→ Digital Course Academy, Amy Porterfield
→ Project Management
→ Launch Management
→ Team Hiring, Onboarding, & Leadership
→ Operations Analysis & Management
→ SOP Creation
→ Organizing Tech Systems
→ Training VAs
→ Metrics Tracking
→ Strategic Business Planning


Un peu de français (de mieux en mieux)

Online tools & systems:

→ EMAIL MANAGEMENT: ConvertKit, Flodesk, FG Funnels
→ WEBSITE: Squarespace, Kajabi, FG Funnels
→ COURSE HOSTING: Kajabi, FG Funnels, Teachable
→ VIRTUAL PLATFORMS: Zoom, Loom, Demio
→ VIDEO EDITING: Descript, iMovie, Screenflow
→ PROJECT / BRAIN MANAGEMENT: Slack, Teamwork, Trello, Notion, ClickUp
→ PAYMENT: Stripe, Square, PayPal, Thrivecart
→ DESIGN: Lightroom, Canva
→ TEAM/CLIENT COMMUNICATION: Voxer, Slack, Discord, Skype
→ FILE SHARING: Dropbox, Google Workspace, WeTransfer
→ FORMS: Typeform, Google Forms
→ SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, Facebook Business Manager Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Later, Tailwind
→ Zapier
→ Google Workspace
→ Adobe Suite
→ Microsoft Office