Deanna McWhirter

Deanna McWhirter

Certified Since:: January 2023

Expert Overview

You bring your vision and goals and I’ll bring the plan! I help business owners manage projects, develop systems and processes and hire team members – all with the aim of reaching your goals faster and more efficiently. I am an operations manager, project manager and strategic thinker and I’m here to help you level up your business, grow your revenue and increase your profit. You’ll have a thriving business and more time to focus on what’s most important to you!

• Coordinating daily or project-specific operations through the set-up and integration of a management platform and other digital infrastructure.
• Creating optimized and, where possible, automated business processes that improve your customer experience and avoid you wasting time and money
• Creating Standard Operating Procedures that detail how your business works – so that you can delegate tasks without much training and without worrying that things aren’t being done properly.
• Hiring and onboarding the right people for you so that you can reliably delegate more and focus on the growth of your business rather than day-to-day operations.
• Establishing and tracking metrics for your business so that you can track growth without being involved in every task and be able to identify trends and opportunities and act on them quickly.

Skills & Training:

• Team Management, Coordination and Recruiting
• Procedure and Process Development
• Project Management
• Launch Management
• Research and Recommendations
• Business Planning
• Operations Management
• Metrics Tracking
• Time Management



Online tools & systems:

I am a specialist in streamlining business operations for efficiency and effectiveness. Online systems play a significant role in that work by providing better visibility into the business for owners and managers and automating tasks where possible.
Regardless of the systems you are using, I can determine how to use them most effectively. Or, I can use my experience and research in the marketplace to find a better fit for you and your operations