Danielle Levy

Danielle Levy

Certified Since:: 08/2019

Expert Overview

With a digital agency background, I excel at navigating all the moving parts of creating a strong online presence. You can count on me for social media management, content strategy, email marketing, SEO services, metrics tracking or website design and development. From strategy to implementation, I’ll make sure everything we do supports big picture goals for optimal growth.

Launch Planning
Launches don’t have to be scary or stressful with a strategic planner on your team! From simple to complex, I make sure all the moving parts come together on time for a successful launch. No more stressing over which tech to use or which system to implement, I got you covered!

Team Management
I work alongside your existing team to manage their day-to-day. You’ll no longer feel like the bottleneck to productivity with someone else fielding questions, providing direction and trouble-shooting issues. If you need to hire for a one-off project or long-term team member, I can help you find the perfect person. Plus I have a trusted network of vendors ready to come to the rescue.

Do you need improved systems that will grow with your business? I analyze current systems and make recommendations for smart, affordable technologies to make daily tasks easier and more efficient. Because I want our partnership to make you feel empowered, and never detached or dependent, I train my clients on new processes or procedures.

Project Management
As a Certified Project Management Professional, I am your go-to for implementing and maintaining a virtual office system. Your team will be working with improved efficiency and communication, while your projects get completed on time every time.

Skills & Training:

On paper, I'm a multi-faceted digital and marketing operations guru who seamlessly slips into numerous roles, from chief marketing officer and brand strategist to process and hiring consultant.

I've spent 15-plus years working at the Greater Boston Area's best digital communications agencies, plus I've gathered a few certifications and degrees along the way.....


I'm a skilled partner, ready to shoulder the weight of daily responsibilities, so you can finally feel the relief that comes from your business resting in capable hands.




Online tools & systems:

Acuity, Asana, Basecamp, Calendly, Canva, Dropbox, Gsuite, GTM, LastPass, Mailchimp, Ontraport, Slack, Skype, Teachable, Voxer, Wordpress, Zoom