Dana Luparello – Eclipse Virtual Assistance, LLC

Dana Luparello - Eclipse Virtual Assistance, LLC

Certified Since:: February 2023

Expert Overview

One of the famous lines from Jerry Maguire is, "You complete me." I love that line as it applies to myself in business because my range of skills and talents help me to tame chaos, align resources and create a positive and enduring strategic momentum.
I complete your business!
For me, its not just about increasing the revenue (which we'll do), its also about honoring the freedom that entrepreneurs seek and guiding a team with strong core values who are excited to build your business.
I am the ultimate Collaborator, Human Resourcer and Operations Manager that every company needs to build efficiently, scale exponentially and inspire relentlessly.
I will help you establish structured processes, hire, inspire and educate your team, bring projects to completion, identify problems and solutions, bring focus to the vision and elevate the mission!

Keywords: Team Building, Systems/SOP's, Project Managment, Project Completion, COO, Operations, Integrator, Team Leader

Skills & Training:

4 Years as a Virtual Assistant working with C-Level Executives, Coaches, Authors, Live Event Producers, Solopreneurs, Start-ups & Marketing Agencies

7 Years in various positions with Marriott & Hilton ( Hospitality Expert )

14 Years as a trained Architect & Interior Designer ( Contracts, Managing Clients & Sub-Contractors, Leading teams and Managing budgets of 20M +/- )

** I am commited to ongoing personal and business growth; I engage frequently in research, coursework, webinars, networking and reading to improve my knowledge and reference base.


Pop Culture References
Sarcasm (used tastefully & with discretion)

Online tools & systems:

Asana, Trello, Todist, Basecamp, Monday.com, Click-Up, Go High Level, Pipedrive
Wave, Wise, Gusto, Stripe, Google Suite, Microsoft Office
Canva, Happy Scribe, Whimsicle, Streamyard, Loom, InVideo
Slack, Zoom, Signnow, Hellosign, Evernote, Buffer
Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter

Keywords: Asana, Google Suite, Gusto, Canva, Monday.com