Cristin Babb

Cristin Babb

Certified Since:: June 2022

Expert Overview

I help coaches and consultants implement strategies and operational systems so they can get out of the weeds, build a business they love and lead confidently.

As women, particularly in the global majority, we are often asked to shrink who we are to fit into spaces designed by a dominant culture. Dominant culture is born out of fear, relies on willpower, thrives on comparison, and puts money into industries that profit off of our insecurities. We have had to shrink our voices, hair, waist, and ideas to climb the corporate ladder and prove ourselves worthy. Many of us unknowingly take these habits into our business and inform how we work, and interact with our clients and team.

As your growth partner, I help you let go of the day-to-day work and the unhealthy practices and beliefs that led many of us to flee corporate.

Skills & Training:

Formal Training:
Certified Professional Coach
Certified Diversity Equity and Inclusions in the Workplace
Conflict Resolution and Mediation
Bachelor of Science in Marketing
Master of Public Administration

Professional Experience:
Job and Organizational Design
Team Building and Training
Leadership and Development
Coaching and Mentoring
Recruitment and Selection



Online tools & systems:

Google Workspace