Carrie Krane

Carrie Krane

Certified Since:: February, 2021

Expert Overview

Motivated by the desire to help entrepreneurs share their gifts. Driven to do purposeful work that creates positive change. I’m passionate about all things health, wellness and personal growth.

We may be a great fit if….

* You’re a health, fitness or business coach or consultant &/or course creator who’s established and in the low to mid 6-figures and primed for growth.
* You’re ready to bring on a counterpart to work together and grow together.
* You’re not (yet!) in a position to bring in a marketing agency, but you’re yearning for a strategic and trusted team member to create and implement a plan to scale and grow your business.
* You want someone who loves to implement marketing strategies and who has the wherewithal to figure things out.
* You’re looking to launch a new course, event, product or podcast.
* You may be looking for someone you trust to take copywriting tasks off your plate. (think email campaigns, website revisions, mission statements, sales pages, thank you pages ++++)
* You want someone who cares about finding your ideal clients for you to serve - and who will support your clients fully throughout their journey working with you.

As a former small business owner of two fitness studios that I built from scratch and sold for a profit, I know you because I was you. After selling my studios, I asked myself, “what now?” All I knew was that I wanted to help and support entrepreneurs doing cool things that make an impact. This is how and why I took the path of the Online Business Manager. I am looking for clients who I can show up for powerfully to help bring your visions and goals to life.

In my past life, I also worked five Olympic Games with NBC as a production manager, and produced large scale events for companies like Project and people management is my wheelhouse, as is making order out of chaos.

I live in Mill Valley, CA, and have a wild and headstrong little girl named Haley Rose. I love to exercise, be outside in nature, travel and hang with close friends.

I am committed to advocating for inclusion, diversity and creating safe spaces for all people.

Skills & Training:

Certified Online Business Manager | Copyhackers Copy School | Certified Barre Instructor and Master Trainer | The Fab 4 Fundamentals by Kelly LeVeque (Online nutrition program) | Team Management | Hiring & Onboarding | Client Success | Project Management | Launch Management | Event & TV Production

2008 Emmy win for Outstanding Team Technical Remote for the 2008 Beijing Olympics |
Bachelor of Arts in Economics, University of Colorado @ Boulder, Honors Program



Online tools & systems:

* Asana, ClickUp, Basecamp, Jira

* Mailchimp, Flodesk, Constant Contact

* Brandbot, mindbodyonline

* Zoom, Dropbox, Slack, Voxer, Paypal, Google Suite, Survey Monkey, DocuSign, Proposify