Carol Frankenstein

Carol Frankenstein

Certified Since:: January 2018

Expert Overview

Implementing strategies for heart-centered businesses is my specialty. I create plans for clear execution of your strategies and manage teams, systems and metrics to get results. Frequent communication keeps you in the know. Removing distractions presents you with opportunities to grow profitably.

Every business owner wants to discover the secret to growing their business while serving their customers well. That's tough to do when the days are filled with putting out fires and your to-do list only gets longer. I know how stressful it can be to try to grow your bottom line and feel like your business is going in a hundred directions.

Just like you, I know the pressure of being a business owner. Led in good and tough times. Closed, sold, and grown small businesses. Learned through the struggles of balancing work and family life the importance of a strong business framework that lets the business grow without burning you out. As virtual businesses accelerated and my children became entrepreneurs, the need for business experience became clear.

Now, as a certified online business manager, I partner with business owners to manage their business so clients like you can take back control of their business and their life .

Skills & Training:

MBA + 25 years of management experience
OBM Certification 2018
OBM Mastery 2018 and 2019
Marie Forleo BSchool 2019
Story Market Success 2020
OBM Advanced Systems 2020
OBM Advanced Metrics 2020
Business Made Simple 2021
Talent Management - Playbook for Hiring and Compensating Top Talent 2021
Management and Execution - Master a Simple System to Manage Any Team 2021



Online tools & systems:

I've managed a variety of systems and processes including money systems, scheduling, communication, metrics, relationship, and business foundation systems. I assisted companies in evaluating options, adopting new systems or software, or transitioning to new software.

Some of the online tools I currently use include:

GSuite, Calendly, Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, GotoWebinar, Constant Contact, Canva, WordPress, Facebook, Linked In, Google Analytics, Google Docs, Dropbox, PayPal, Venmo, Quickbooks, LastPass, Asana, ClickUp, NIFTY PM

Given the growing number of new systems with expanding capabilities, I research, review, evaluate, recommend business systems for your business including backup, money management, scheduling, communication, metrics, marketing, relationship, sales, delivery, and other business systems.