Candice Engel

Candice Engel

Certified Since:: April 2021


Speakers, Authors, or Entrepreneurs who have a BIG vision to scale your business...

Candice, is an award winning 25-yr corporate veteran who started in the trenches and rising to design, develop and deploy workflows and strategic enterprise initiatives. She has a passion for teaching and technology, helping businesses eliminate costs and grow revenues online.

She loves to put sequence and order into what might be chaos. And she is a translator between machines and humans, as well as between functional areas. This is because Candice has experience across the customer experience journey - meaning, what do your customers experience when they try to buy from you, or get support from you? Candice is well-versed in the software development lifecycle with experience in requirements documentation, process analysis, software testing, project management and deployment. I'm great at identifying what do you need the human to do, versus what do you need the machine to do, and when do the humans and machines need to work together to accomplish something.

Candice thrives on outcomes, and works best when the purpose or why is clearly identified and communicated across the team. If the why hasn't been defined, the how will likely have problems. Her experience working with customer care, sales and marketing, technology, operations, project management and finance and legal teams gives her keen insights into and the many details of what you might be handling as a solopreneur or small team.

She is an intuitive and creative problem-solver. She has the ability to see the big picture view (or as she likes to call it the "end to end" view), and be able to quickly identify gaps, risks and issues and then make a plan for solving those.

She believes in the contribution that small businesses have on the local and global communities, that we are the backbone to our economies, our health and well-being and our cultural and societal values. She believes in supporting companies who's passion and mission is to uplift and empower people through their products and services. She has a soft spot for alternative health practitioners, having previously operated a business in this arena for more than 6 years, and worked directly with and was mentored by serial entrepreneur, inventor, intuitive, and author Barry Tydings who wrote "How to Grow a Million-Dollar Whole-istic Health Business without Selling Your Soul".

Skills & Training:

*Coming Soon!* I am a dedicated life-long learner.

Below is a partial list...

IT Business Leadership Certificate (EMBA), (NYU School of Business)
Digital Strategy
Closing and Presenting Masterclass (2x Certified, Joel Bauer and Associates), Pitch Building
Ask Method Masterclass (Ryan Levesque)
Quiz Funnel Masterclass (In Process, Ryan Levesque)
IT Project Management (Certificate, American Management Association)
Foundations of Everyday Leadership (Coursera)
Maximizing Your Leadership Potential - Center for Creative Leadership
Coaching and Leading Essentials
Design Thinking Bootcamp
Business Requirements Elicitation and Facilitation
Managing Organizational Change/ Change Management
Agile Bootcamp
UX Foundations: Research (User Experience)
Course Building and Marketing (Sara Cordiner)



Online tools & systems:

*Coming Soon!*