Brenda Violette

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Brenda Violette

Certified Since:: 2009

My background:

I'm Brenda Violette, Founder, and CEO of Violette Business Services, LLC, a business & operations management company that specializes in working with women CEO and business owners who are running multiple 6 & 7 figures online serviced-based companies.

Visionary women entrepreneurs who are ready to hire a second-in-command role to help them grow their online company to higher levels of profit, reach and freedom, while having an efficient and smooth-running business.

Oh yeah….and to get their life back!

I've been a Certified Online Business Manager through Tina's training and mentorship happily since 2009.

I have an extensive 30-year history of working in administrative and business management services both as an employee, and now as an online business owner.

Who knew!  😉

I designed my business and services to have a business that gives me freedom and an income that supports my family and community.

Using the skills and experience I've acquired over those years, I'm able to bring that expertise to the amazing women I partner with to grow their business to higher levels of profit, freedom, and control.

My clients would tell you that I give them back a business they can LOVE again!

My services are high-touch, high-level business and operations management.   I work with a limited number of select clients.

My online business management services are focused on the business and operations needs of 6-7 figure women business owners who are ready to step out of the day-to-day and are serious about growing their business past 6 figures to 7 figures and beyond.

In 2018, I added a new service, Virtual COO (Virtual Chief of Operations).

My services are Virtual COO | Online Business Manager | Consulting

Is this YOU?

Let's chat on a 30-min discovery call. 

1. Click on any of the buttons on my website inviting you to schedule a call at

2. You will be taken to a quick application form (my red rope process - to get to know you a little before the call)

3. Upon submitting application you will be taken immediately to my scheduling tool to find a date and time that works best for you.

4. Schedule your call.  Once you click the button to schedule your call, you will immediately receive a discovery package (testimonials, case studies, Kolbe index, and personal video from me)

Simply visit and click on any of the buttons on my site to schedule your call today.

I can't wait to chat with you!

Brenda Violette
Founder & CEO of Violette Business Services, LLC
Online Business and Operations Management 

To Learn More:

Skills & Training:

Certified Online Business Manager
Certified Online Marketing Manager
Certified Project Management Specialist
Certified Content Marketing Specialist
Certified ECommerce Marketing Specialist
Certified Email Marketing Specialist
Certified Search Marketing Specialist
Certified Social & Community Marketing Specialist
Online Marketing Certified Professional
MarketMotive Trained Practitioner
Certified Infusionsoft Campaign Specialist, Infusionsoft
Audio & Video
Digital Publishing Specialist
Over 30 years in administrative and management leadership roles in brick and mortar businesses
Over 10 years serving women-owned coaching, consulting and service-based online businesses
Current capacity as Virtual COO partnering with 6-7 figure women entrepreneurs and business owners.



Online tools & systems:

Over the years, I've worked with many online tools and platforms, too many to mention here. The following is a list of the most recognizable tools and systems that my high-level clients utilize in their business.

Membership Platforms
Teamwork PM
Profit First, EOS
Process Street
Many Audio and Video Channel Platforms