Beth Stefanech

Beth Stefanech

Certified Since:: May 2022


If you’re ready to elevate your business and expand your impact in society, I’m ready to be your business’ secret weapon! If we work together, I’ll step in as your strategic partner, navigating all the twists and turns of entrepreneurship right along with you. I’ll collaborate with you to find creative solutions to your business challenges, and I’ll help give you clarity, actionable plans and peace of mind in your business. My calling is to support you in yours!

I bring over 20 years of brick-and-mortar business management experience to the table and have a wide variety of skills to offer. I assumed all operational responsibility for the business, managed a team of nine team members and wore “all the hats” at one time or another – I really was the “Jill-of-all-trades.” Ultimately, it was my responsibility to keep the train running on time, to develop our team and our referral base, and to ensure our clients were receiving the stellar customer service that had become our standard. My TRUE specialty, though, is my ability to take wild ideas, figure out what it will take to make them happen, then make bold plans to make them a reality. So - you bring the vision, I’ll bring the plans and we’ll make great things happen together!

I also have a knack for learning new things and have taught myself the world of online business over the last few years. I learn new information, concepts and tools quickly and am the “go-to person” for my friends and family when they need answers to all the random things that come up throughout life. What does this mean for us? This all speaks to my resourcefulness – which will likely be my most valuable asset for you and your business – because I’ll leave no stone unturned in finding solutions to any challenges we face together. You’ll also never have to worry if there is something new we want to try out together because I have the skills to learn all about it and to teach you and/or your team.

I’d love to help you make your mark on society by growing and strengthening your business with my strategic support. If you’re ready to move mountains in your business and in the world together, book a complimentary call with me here:! I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together!

Personality/Strengths Assessments:
⭐ CliftonStrengths: Connectedness | Learner | Relator | Responsibility | Achiever
⭐ Enneagram: 2w1 - "the Supportive Advisor" or "the Helper"
⭐ Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: INFJ-T | ROLE: Diplomat | STRATEGY: Constant Improvement
⭐ Kolbe A Index: 8-6-2-3
⭐ DiSC Assessment: Supporter (S)
⭐ Spiritual Gifts: Administration | Giving | Service | Leadership | Helps

Skills & Training:

🏃🏽‍♀️PLANNING: Strategic planning to the goals and vision of your business
💯SYSTEMIZATION: Creating systems, processes and SOPs to improve efficiency, maximize productivity and empower team members
📓ORGANIZATION: Centralizing important business assets and information, making everything easily accessible to the entire team
👩🏻‍🔧PROCESS IMPROVEMENT: Identifying areas to improve efficiency, researching/creating/implementing solutions
👀RESEARCH & ANALYSIS: Conducting investigations into new tools, concepts, etc. and analyzing the ROI for the business
🤹🏽‍♀️PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Managing the life cycle of various projects from concept to completion
👩🏽‍💻TEAM: Building, managing, mentoring and developing team members

Certified Online Business Manager - IAOBM
B.A. Psychology – North Central College
Business “Chaos Coordinator” – School of Hard Knocks (it’s the best way to learn! 😉)



Online tools & systems:

Google Workspace
Microsoft Suite

NOTE: I am a tech and research whiz, so you can rest assured that I will quickly learn any other tool/system not listed here if you're using it or considering adding it in your business.