Ashley Torres

Ashley Torres

Certified Since:: May 2022


I’m Ashley, OBM, Strategist and Big Idea Wrangler. I help neurodivergent* entrepreneurs systemize their businesses, effectively manage their teams & allow them to make more money with less overwhelm.
When you're working in your zone of genius, you know exactly what you’re doing, but planning into the future, managing the day-to-day operations of your biz and directing a team can feel overwhelming.
Being neurodivergent makes us awesome at what we do, but the part that is often difficult is consistently managing all of the moving pieces. It's true that we can often lose motivation, struggle to follow through on plans, and start to doubt ourselves along the way. But, we wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t for our neurodivergent gifts.
Lucky for you, my neurodivergent gifts include:
✨ The ability to visualize processes from start to finish, breaking things down into detailed steps
✨ Intuitive communication and a non-judgmental leadership style
✨ An obsession with tracking and analyzing data
✨ Being able to process large amounts of information at once
✨ Outside the box thinking – being able to see alternate paths to reach goals

And I’ll use these to help you:
✨ Set monthly, quarterly and annual goals, and create plans to reach them
✨ Determine where your energy is best spent and find solutions to make that happen
✨ Ensure that your team is performing effectively and efficiently by getting to know how they work and what kind of support they need
✨ Track important metrics for your business so that you can make informed decisions
✨ Feel confident that the day-to-day operations of your business are handled and running smoothly, even if you’re not “on” every day

Seeing you reach your goals, grow your business and feel a sense of relief provides a whole boatload of dopamine for me, and that’s really what it’s all about 😉

*Neurodivergence refers to variations in the human brain and cognition, for instance in sociability, learning, attention, mood and other mental functions. It is a self-identifying term often used by those with ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, OCD, Tourettes or various other atypical patterns of behavior and mental health disorders.

Skills & Training:

✨ Project Management
✨ Team Management
✨ Web Design/ Support
✨ Strategic Business Planning
✨ Launch Management
✨ Metrics Tracking
✨ SOP Creation
✨ Organizing Tech Systems
✨ Training VAs

✨ Bachelor’s Degree from NYU Stern School of Business in Sustainable Business and Marketing
✨ Online Business Manager Certification
✨ Squarespace Circle Member



Online tools & systems:

Client and Management Automation
✨ Zapier
✨ Dubsado
✨ Calendly
✨ ScheduleOnce

Project Management
✨ Asana
✨ Trello
✨ Teamwork
✨ Hubspot
✨ Airtable

✨ Hubspot
✨ Salesforce
✨ Wix CRM
✨ Sales and Marketing
✨ Mailchimp
✨ Convertkit
✨ Go High Level
✨ Wix
✨ AWeber
✨ 99Designs

Document and Asset Management
✨ Dropbox
✨ Google Drive
✨ OneDrive

✨ Squarespace
✨ Wordpress with Elementor
✨ Wix

Online Courses
✨ Kajabi

✨ Voxxer
✨ Slack
✨ Zoom
✨ Microsoft Teams
✨ Google Meet

✨ Canva
✨ Photoshop
✨ Illustrator
✨ Pixlr