Ashley Torres

Ashley Torres

Certified Since:: May 2022

Expert Overview

I’m Ashley, your OBM on Demand! I help neurodivergent* entrepreneurs to build a strong foundation for their businesses, prepare for growth and be held accountable to their goals.
Are you curious about working with an OBM but unsure if your business is quite there yet? I got you. My OBM On Demand program bridges the gap between needing a virtual assistant & hiring an online business manager, making it accessible to businesses at any stage: think of it as structured business therapy!
I also work with clients on a retainer basis. As a member of your team, I'll help make sure that the right things are getting done by the right people at the right time in order to move your vision forward! I'll also ensure that your business has a firm foundation to grow from, that there are measurable goals in place, and that you have the numbers you need to make informed decisions.
Being neurodivergent makes us awesome at what we do, but the part that is often difficult is consistently managing all of the moving pieces. Sometimes we set too many goals for ourselves, struggle to follow through on plans, and start to doubt ourselves along the way. It doesn’t need to be that way. I’d love to help you uncover your strengths, and build your business around them.

Fortunately for you, some of my neurodivergent strengths include:
✨ The ability to visualize processes from start to finish, breaking things down into detailed steps
✨ Intuitive communication and a non-judgmental leadership style
✨ An obsession with tracking and analyzing data
✨ Being able to process large amounts of information at once
✨ Outside the box thinking – being able to see alternate paths to reach goals

And I’ll use these to help you:
✨ Set monthly, quarterly and annual goals, and create plans to reach them
✨ Determine where your energy is best spent and find solutions to make that happen
✨ Ensure that you’re leading your team effectively and efficiently
✨ Hire new team members
✨ Track important metrics for your business so that you can make informed decisions
✨ Feel confident that the systems in your business are there to support you, even if you’re not “on” every day

Seeing you reach your goals, grow your business and feel a sense of relief provides a whole boatload of dopamine for me, and that’s really what it’s all about 😉

There are plenty of ways that we can work together. Be sure to check out my website to learn more!

You can book a call with me here:

“Working with Ashley has been critical to helping me get my business going. As an entrepreneur, it's hard to know where to put my energy some days. It either feels like everything is important or I tend to get lost exploring a new idea. Ashley helps keep me on track and also reminds me of all the things I would forget otherwise.” - Kathleen Burnett, Chief Nerd, Anywhere League

“Ashley is the rare combination of individual who is both a generalist and a specialist. She manages to combine a broad knowledge of a variety of industries & fields whilst still being able to provide a deeply detail-oriented approach to each client. Rockflower is fortunate to have Ashley as part of our team & would recommend her to anyone needing strategy & support to forward their business or mission driven company.”
-Tine Ward, CEO, Rockflower

*Neurodivergence refers to naturally occurring differences across human brain makeups that most often present in variances in social communication & interpersonal relations from mainstream population. Some processing disorders that fall under the neurodivergent umbrella include autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and Tourette's syndrome.

Skills & Training:

✨ Project Management
✨ Team Management/ Hiring
✨ Web Design/ Support
✨ Strategic Business Planning
✨ Launch Management
✨ Metrics Tracking
✨ SOP Creation
✨ Organizing Tech Systems
✨ Training VAs

✨ Bachelor’s Degree from NYU Stern School of Business in Sustainable Business and Marketing
✨ Online Business Manager Certification
✨ Squarespace Circle Member



Online tools & systems:

Client and Management Automation
✨ Zapier
✨ Dubsado
✨ Calendly.
✨ ScheduleOnce

Project Management
✨ Clickup
✨ Asana
✨ Trello
✨ Teamwork
✨ Hubspot
✨ Airtable
✨ Nifty

✨ Hubspot
✨ Salesforce
✨ Wix CRM
✨ Sales and Marketing
✨ Mailchimp
✨ Convertkit
✨ Go High Level
✨ Wix
✨ AWeber
✨ 99Designs
✨ Wealthbox

Document and Asset Management
✨ Dropbox
✨ Google Drive
✨ Microsoft OneDrive

✨ Squarespace
✨ Wordpress with Elementor
✨ Wix

Online Courses
✨ Kajabi
✨ Searchie

✨ Voxxer
✨ Slack
✨ Zoom
✨ Microsoft Teams
✨ Google Meet

✨ Canva
✨ Photoshop
✨ Illustrator
✨ Pixlr

✨ Right Capital
✨ Schwab Advisor Center