Ashley Haas

Ashley Haas

Certified Since:: August 2019


I’m on a mission to build long-term relationships with successful purpose-driven entrepreneurs who desire to grow a sustainable business (profit, purpose, passion) and I do this by solving their day-to-day headaches with organization, systems, planning, and project management.

My passion is giving the owner peace of mind that their business can run smoothly while it's growing and helping them focus their energy on doing what they love.

A successful business needs strategy and implementation and I can bring both to your business.

Here's how:

>> Ideas are no good without action - I'm exceptionally good and turning your thoughts and ideas into action. I know what steps to take, how to plan it out, keep everyone accountable, and see it through to the end.

>> Shiny object syndrome won't get in our way - I love good ideas but I also love a good solid plan that will take us far. I will keep us focused on the goal and a list of ideas for future planning sessions so no opportunity is missed.

>> Mediocrity is a 4-letter word in my dictionary - I thrive to do excellent work and always push myself and the team to a higher level. There is no end in sight to the improvements that can be made.

>> Streamlining and systems are my middle name - The flow of information in your business is critical for your team and clients' success. Every step will be thought out and optimized to provide the best experience for everyone.

Skills & Training:

I have been working in business operations my entire career in a lot of different industries but one thing has stayed the same. My passion for bringing order and systems to chaos is my jam and I've learned that it pays for itself over and over.

I have a bachelor's in business administration and a minor in construction management from Colorado State University.

Certified Online Business Manager


A little history about me:

At the age of 21, I was managing an office of 7 departments and two staff members. I stayed for 2.5 years and implemented a ton of changes so the departments ran smoother and the city saved time and money. It was an exhilarating learning experience.

When I left, I went in pursuit of my undergraduate degree. I took my love for business operations and for making a business run more efficiently to Colorado State University where I got my bachelor's in Business Administration and a minor in Construction Management.

From there, I started a career in commercial construction and for 12 years worked mainly as a project manager. But I always took on projects in the operations of the business to improve systems for the growing business.

After having my son in 2011, I decided that my quest to reach the top of the corporate ladder wasn’t as important as nurturing and supporting my child.

That's when my love for business and desire to become an entrepreneur, led me to own and operate a small franchise that referred babysitters to my local community.

For 5 years I ran that business and grew it 350%. During that time I had my daughter, ran the business from my home with two littles on my heels, and completely revamped the way the business was run.

That experience improved my business knowledge and understanding of what it is like to be a business owner.

That’s when it dawned on me that business operations, systems, processes, and planning are my special sauce. And I love to geek out of it (a lot)!

When I outgrew the franchise business, I sold it and started business coaching because I knew I could help other businesses improve so they could grow faster.

After some time, I felt like something was missing. I missed being in the day-to-day nitty-gritty of working in a business.

I didn’t just want to talk about ‘how’ they could improve, I wanted to actually help them do it.

That is why I’m an OBM!



Online tools & systems:

Excel, word, pages, numbers

I'm a fast learner and can pick up software very easily.