Anita Narayanan

Anita Narayanan

Certified Since:: November 2021


If you are a Mission-Driven entrepreneur who is starting to feel there is a lot going on and you can't do it all alone, then you are at the right place. I am dedicated to keeping your vision and mission alive. Every business foundation is based on planning, the right team and operations. My zone of genius is people, processes and systems management.

​I am a wife and a mother of two young adults. Bringing up my children while my husband worked long hours and traveled frequently for his job made multi-tasking unavoidable! I like to be ahead of the game hence planning and organizing comes naturally to me. My passion is cooking. As I did with my children, I love introducing my friends to the variety of food from my Malaysian roots and other cultures from my travel experiences.

Something unexpected about me is that I love Country Music + Old Fashioned;-)

My business name AniVa originated from how my parents call me...Ani-Va [meaning 'Ani-come' in a South Indian language]. It reminds me always of my parents' blessings.

I have had the pleasure of working in various executive positions in different industries as I have traveled from Asia to Europe and now live in the United States of America. I have served as an Office Manager for a growing business in a competitive industry and later worked in the business process improvement area for multi-billion dollar companies. During the years of being a Homemaker, I was an avid volunteer and then appointed Team Manager for my sons' travel soccer and high school soccer teams.

Skills & Training:

Skill: Process Analysis+Business process improvement+Flowchart design+SOP creation+Process Automation(Former Business Analyst in the Technology, Business improvement & RPA-Robotic Process Automation team)
Training: Certified OBM® Training, MEGA International(process modeling tool training)


English, Malay, Tamil, Malayalam, Basic German

Online tools & systems:

ClickUp, Airtable, ThriveCart, Whimsical, MindMeister, Notion, ActiveCampaign, Dubsado, Slack, LucidChart, Trello, Canva, Google Workspace, Zoom, JIRA, Microsoft Teams