Anh Hohuu Herter

Anh Hohuu Herter

Certified Since:: 07/2020


As an OBM/COO, I work with technology companies and non-profit organizations whose mission is to better lives on a global scale.

Need a little nudge to get your tasks done?
Need someone to take on the responsibility for turning the gears in your business? So you have more time and head space to grow the business and take vacations knowing your business is taken care of.
Need someone for your team members to bug everyday instead?
Need a strategic partner who's in it because she loves your business as much as you do?
Need someone to help your business not only save but make more money?
Have too many ideas and even projects started but rarely get to the last stage of completion?
Tired of the onboarding process when hire new team members every time?

I will help you get organized and optimized to run the business as a CEO, not a bottle neck. My goal is for your business to be successful without you having to pull your hair out (this wouldn't be in the success scene, would it?) every time your business has yet another emergency.

Systems and procedures will be in place which will greatly reduce errors, delays, last minute surprises and how much you pay your hourly contractors.

About me:
I went to law school (majored in International Law) for 3 years just to realize that there's more potential to change lives from running a business than being a lawyer at some corporate typing my life away. I then dropped out of university and have been pursuing the role of the right hand woman for online business owners ever since.

I am a peace maker at heart and I love to turn visions into reality. Besides working my dream job as an OBM, my daily ritual includes reading (business, self development, and close-to-real-life-fiction) and playing music (guitar, piano and singing).

Skills & Training:

Certified OBM
Team Management
Operation Management
Launch/Project Management
Online Marketing
Profit First


English, Vietnamese, Spanish (intermediate)

Online tools & systems:

Google Apps
Active Campaign
Adobe Premiere/Final Cut
Adobe Photoshop/Affinity Publisher
Facebook Ads Manager
Amazon S3