Amy Caris

Amy Caris

Certified Since:: November 2022

Expert Overview

👋 Do you ever find yourself gulping down your third coffee by midday, staring at a screen littered with endless tabs, emails pinging every minute, and sticky notes adding up like confetti? You're juggling meetings, endless tasks & working into the night - "Do I need a VA? An OBM? Ops Manager?" you ponder. Maybe you're not entirely sure who you need, but one thing is for sure... you need some reliable HELP. I get it. 💛

The minute we start working together, I'm there to support you & my #1 goal is to help things feel lighter, without rushing to hire excess team members you don't need. Here's how it usually works:

✅ Immediate Support: While we're sculpting your plan for the future, you're not left to brave things alone. My team and I are by your side, providing the relief you need right now so we can work out exactly WHO you need, and you don't need to rush hire. Immediate hurdles? We've got them covered.

✅ CEO Download Session: Ever feel like your mind's on the brink of overflow? Worried about those brilliant strategies or innovative ideas slipping through the cracks? Our CEO Download isn't just a transfer; it's about capturing every vital piece, freeing up your cognitive space for bigger visions and new innovations.

✅ Plan With Precision: We design your bespoke Annual & 90-day blueprint to determine exactly what you need (and eliminate everything you don't). Often, this includes projects like:

✅ Project Management Tool Set-up (ClickUp, Asana, etc.) - so everything can be easily managed (and delegated) from one central place.

✅ Creating & Maintaining Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) - so you can delegate tasks with a few clicks and stop answering questions on repeat.

✅ Metrics Tracking - so you can keep an eye on what's working (and what's not) without being stuck in the detail.

✅ Team Building - so you have a dream team you can truly rely on and feel confident delegating task responsibility.

However, every plan is uniquely crafted, ensuring alignment with your vision and business needs.

✅ Strategic Action: Know that nagging feeling of being stuck, even with the best plans in hand? We bridge that gap. With a hands-on approach, we dive in and get things moving, harnessing the strengths of your team or mine. We're about momentum, progress, and tangible results.

✅ Crafting Your A-Team: Before adding more to your ongoing payroll, let's harness the full potential of what you already have. By streamlining operations and amplifying efficiency within your existing team, we often unveil hidden capacities, saving you from unnecessary hires and additional costs. Our clear understanding of your business needs ensures you're never rush-hiring. Instead, if there's a genuine need, we guide you to make calculated hiring decisions, ensuring you get the right talent for the right role without the financial strain.

Ready to swap chaos for clarity? With my immediate support, change is just a few clicks away.

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Skills & Training:

I am a Certified OBM & Chartered Accountant with over 17 years of business experience. I have worked with businesses of all shapes & sizes from large corporates to small solo operators.



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