Allie Pasag

Allie Pasag

Certified Since:: July, 2018


You might be asking yourself, why of all the billions of people in the world.. should you choose to work with me… The answer is here -- I break business barriers with better systems and automation that are not complicated and easy to implement. The goal is to put my clients' business on autopilot and to allow them to take time off without worrying about their business while they are gone.

My mission is to help create the optimal environment for passion-driven businesses to thrive by designing, improving, and managing business systems and processes.

I work with online entrepreneurs in different parts of the United States, the UK, and Australia. In my almost 2 decades working with them, I discovered that creating a rock-solid foundation is THE secret to reaching business goals — not fancy campaigns, not sales tactics, and certainly not the next marketing gimmick.

This is why I help clients see, nail down, and automate their business processes. From generating leads and providing value, to closing deals and encouraging repeat business.

Let’s create better business systems that will put your business on autopilot!

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Skills & Training:

Operations Management | Systems Specialist | Marketing Blueprint | Business Consultant | Digital Strategist


I speak both English and Tagalog (Filipino).

Online tools & systems:

I am obsessed with systems and technology. I love learning new tools, platforms, and strategies. Below are some of the tools that I am proficient with:

✅ Website/Pages - Wordpress, Clickfunnels, Squarespace, Wix
✅ Email Marketing - Active Campaign, Mailchimp
✅ Design - Canva, Photoshop
✅ Cloud Storage - Dropbox, Google Drive
✅ Course / Membership - Kajabi, Ontraport, Thinkific
✅ CRM / All-in-One Tool - Kajabi, Ontraport, Dubsado
✅ Integration - Zapier, Webhooks
✅ Data Management - Airtable, Smartsheet
✅ Suite of Apps - Microsoft, Apple, Google