Ali O’Grady

Ali O'Grady

Certified Since:: May 2023

Expert Overview

Full of amazing ideas and don't know which to go with? Have big goals for your business and don't know how you're going to achieve them? Are you SO overwhelmed with the mundane day to day tasks that you can't even THINK about the first two questions?!
I think it's time we meet 🡇🡇🡇
Here at Wildflower Systems & Solutions LLC 🌼 I help overwhelmed female business owners earning ≥$200k annually get clear on their big vision goals and declutter their mind by creating an actionable plan, implementing systems to get the mundane and repetitive tasks off their plate, and optimizing/managing their team to remove time wasted micromanaging. This way they can spend time ON the business instead of IN the business.
If you're ready to get clear on the roadblocks keeping you from growing and scaling your business, let's chat!

Skills & Training:

🌼 Certified OBM®
🌼 Front Line Leadership Credentialing Program
🌼 Planning
🌼 Project Management
🌼 Launch Strategy & Management
🌼 Team Leadership
🌼 Industry Research
🌼 Graphic Design
🌼 Sales Reports & Projection



Online tools & systems:

- Microsoft Office
- Microsoft Teams
- Zoom
- Google Suite
- Dubsado
- HighLevel (currently becoming proficient in this!)

I love technology and am very tech savvy. I have yet to meet a system I couldn’t master and am the go-to troubleshooter among colleagues, friends, & family for all things tech. I love learning new platforms and trying out new tools.