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The OBM Agency Training w/Safa Harris

Created Exclusively for our Certified OBM® community

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One of the biggest shifts in the marketplace right now is the shift from ‘tell me what to do’ to ‘help me get it done!’ <-- We talked about this in our OBM Trends call for 2024.

There is no shortage of coaches, speakers, consultants and trainers whose role it is to provide clarity and guidance to their clients. And this is important - we all need it!

BUT there is a 'getting stuff done' gap for many business owners. They have been getting amazing strategies and advice but don't have the time, energy or inclination to do the work required to bring these strategies to life.

This is where you come in as a Certified OBM, with your ability to take strategies and bring them to life. To oversee all the elements required to make stuff happen. Bringing the plans, team and systems together in pursuit of business goals.

Yes, you can do this on your own as a 1-1 OBM. There will always be demand for the solo OBM who works directly with their clients.

AND there is also plenty of opportunity for OBMs who want to expand their offerings. You might be:

  • Tired of being the only one in your business who can 'do the work' to serve clients.
  • Wanting to serve more clients and make more money, but you are already tapped out and can't add more work to your plate.
  • Inspired by offering additional DFY services to your clients beyond what you do as an OBM.
  • Ready to take your business to the next level and build something that can run without you.

To be clear, the Agency model is where you hire other professionals to join you in providing delivery of services to your clients.

The beauty of this model is that the sky is the limit around how you structure it, what you offer, who you serve and more. You might want a 'small but mighty' team of 1 or 2 people that help you serve clients with a very specific need. Or maybe you want a full-service agency that provides everything A to Z for your clients.

Along with 1-1 services, it is the best business model out there as the need for 'done for you' services will never go away.

As much as we love the Agency model we want to be real with you… it could become a huge headache and mess if you aren't strategic and purposeful from day one

At face value it seems simple - all you need to do is find people who can do the work, hire them and have them start serving your clients. Right?

Not quite… there are many aspects to creating and running an agency that you may not be aware of yet (or may find yourself struggling with now).

  • How do I know who I need to hire and where do I find them?
  • When do I hire someone? Should I be hiring now or later? What if I hire now and don’t have enough clients to give them work?
  • How much should I pay the people I hire? Do I pay them hourly? By retainer? By package?
  • Is it OK to have contractors on my team or should I consider hiring employees?
  • I hired someone to help and they can’t do what they promised they could do – and now my clients are upset with me, help!
  • What kind of agreements do I need to have in place with my team members? What about with my clients?
  • How do I structure my pricing so that the business is profitable, I can pay myself and pay my team?
  • What is my role in all of this? I thought I would be working less but i’m actually working way more now.
  • My reputation is at stake here – what if I hire someone to do the work and they can’t deliver to my standards?
  • My clients only want to work with me – how can I make them happy and excited to work with my team instead?

All these questions and more is why we are thrilled to invite you to this new training created exclusively for our Certified OBM community.

The OBM Agency Training

The IAOBM has partnered with Safa Harris - fellow Certified OBM® and founder of Scale & Thrive Co., a full-service operations and marketing agency.

Through her work at Scale & Thrive Co, Safa and her team help clients set up the essential operational frameworks and sales processes necessary to scale their businesses effectively. By implementing streamlined systems and optimizing their operations, Safa's clients are able to achieve higher than industry standard profit margins, creating a strong foundation for long-term success.

As a Certified OBM herself, Safa has a deep understanding of who we are and the many opportunities available to OBMs who want to go the agency path themselves. With her extensive experience in building and growing her own successful agency, Safa is uniquely positioned to guide fellow OBMs through the process of establishing and scaling their own thriving agencies.

Here’s an outline of what you are going to learn:

Session 1: Vision & Branding

It's important to build your agency on a foundation of two things - what you want and what your clients want. If we err too much on either side we risk creating an agency that either a) doesn't serve us or b) doesn't align with what our ideal clients want.

In this session we are going to:

  • Identify your best-fit business environment that plays to your strengths & values
  • Research, analyze data, and define your ideal target customer profile and market landscape to create opportunity.
  • Strategically position your agency branding, visual identity, and messaging to deeply resonate with your target customer base.
  • Synthesize insights about yourself, your market, and your brand potential to craft a vision statement for your agency.

Session 2: From Solo To Team

One of the biggest shifts to make when building an agency is around your role. How do you shift from being a doer and the 'only person delivering to clients' to being the leader of your business and team?

In this session we are going to:

  • Talk about the main mindset shifts required to step into your new role and remove yourself as the center.
  • The importance of having a replicable client acquisition process
  • Creating sales goals that account for team costs and not just 'paying yourself'.
  • Selling the value of your team vs. selling yourself to prospective clients.

Session 3: Building a Profitable Offer

Leveraging insights from our previous sessions about target customers, finances and vision, we now detail offer components and develop a pricing strategy tied to customer value perceptions, operation costs, and revenue goals.

In this session we are going to:

  • Document key offer elements including services, deliverables, and timelines based on target customer expectations
  • Analyze appropriate pricing models and formulas to apply based on cost structures and customer budgets
  • Factor in profit margin goals into a pricing strategy matrix including ranges and packaging options

Session 4: Operations & Systems

Now that we are clear on our offers, our next step is to develop systems enabling smooth coordination across client onboarding, team management, and optimal efficiency.

In this session we are going to:

  • Review service delivery methodology and process flows to document them for consistent implementation.
  • Map out operational workflows from the client sales process through project completion and delivery sign-off.
  • Construct procedures and systems around client onboarding, team management, and identifying bottlenecks.
  • Analyze and identify areas to enhance operational efficiency using technologies, resource allocation, and process improvements.

Session 5: Leadership

As a leader, we want to understand our strengths, be able to communicate our vision and foster an engaged agency environment.

In this session we are going to:

  • Discover our top talents and build self-awareness of innate strength capabilities and blindspots.
  • Develop tailored strategies to maximize applying strengths while overcoming unskilled tendencies.
  • Lead our teams collaboratively by continuing to leverage strengths.
  • Lead our teams in an engaging manner through accountability, transparency and strategic decision-making.

Session 6: Team Building & Alignment

It's now time to determine optimal team roles and structures to support operations, develop hiring and management procedures to assemble and align teams to the agency's vision.

In this session we are going to:

  • Perform job analyses to define roles, responsibilities, and success profiles needed to deliver offerings.
  • Create processes for targeted outreach, systematic hiring, onboarding, and ongoing performance management.
  • Evaluate and optimize your staffing model based on stage, budget and offerings.

Session 7: Financial Foundations

Our next step is to thoroughly evaluate your current personal and business finances to set essential income requirements, profitability goals, and capital needs for launching your agency.

In this session we are going to:

  • Assess our personal finances to set personal income needs
  • Review business expenses to sustain any one-time and ongoing costs now and as you grow your agency.
  • Do a comprehensive snapshot of costs to start and run agency and revenue projections.
  • Set targets for a solid financial foundation, including revenue, profitability, operating expenses and personal income.

Session 8: Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is about instituting consistent performance reviews across key agency metrics, identifying improvement opportunities, and implementing enhancements over time in service of growth.

In this session we are going to:

  • Establish processes for quarterly reviews of financial statements, operations KPIs, and progress toward goals.
  • Develop mechanisms to gather assessments around bottlenecks, weak points, and potential advancements.
  • Analyze data to prioritize and implement adjustments to offerings, automation, incentives, and other agency elements.

Let's do this... shall we? 

Our goal in this training is simple - to walk you through all aspects of strategizing and building a successful agency that will serve you, your clients and your team for years to come.

Here’s how it will work...  

  • This is a LIVE Training Program led by Certified OBM Safa Harris with Tina Forsyth as your host
  • There are 8 Live Training Sessions + 3 Checkpoint Q&A Support Calls for hands-on support
  • Training is weekly starting on Wednesday, May 8th - all sessions are on Wednesdays at 9am PDT / Noon EDT / 5pm BST

    Training Session 1 - May 8th
    Training Session 2 - May 15th
    Checkpoint Q&A Call 1 - May 22nd
    Training Session 3 - May 29th
    Training Session 4 - June 5th
    Training Session 5 - June 12th
    Training Session 6 - June 19th
    Week Off
    Checkpoint Q&A Call 2 - July 3rd
    Training Session 7 - July 10th
    Training Session 8 - July 17th
    Checkpoint Q&A Call 3 - July 24th
  • Includes lifetime access to all materials and recordings, for future reference in case you miss a session or want to review the training.

Single payment of $997 USD
Or 3 monthly payments of $350

Registration for the current training session is closed

NOTE: This program is being offered exclusively to our Certified OBM® community - please don't share with anyone outside of our group.

FAQs about the OBM Agency Training

I'm new to my OBM business, should I start an agency now or wait?

Such a great question! And the answer is it depends. Some OBMs in our community will focus on building and filling their 1-1 practice first, and then start their agency later. Whereas others will dive right into building an agency right away. Safa and I talked about this recently in a video shared to our Facebook group. It depends on what is important to you, what kind of work you most enjoy doing, and your long term goals for your business. 

I'm not sure what kind of agency I want to create, will your training help with that?

Absolutely. One of the bigger challenges when launching an agency is to decide what you will - and won't - be offering. We will be covering this in-depth in sessions 1 and 3 in the training so that you feel crystal clear on what your agency is about and who you serve.  

Should I register if I already have an agency?

Maybe. How do you feel like things are going right now? If you are feeling stuck in your agency, if things are feeling extra heavy or confusing or if you simply feel like there is room for improvement then I would say join us for sure! 

The training will be walking you through all aspects of setting up a successful and profitable agency, and it can be helpful to revisit your current agency structure with 'fresh eyes' to see what is working, what could be improved and to get you prepared for taking things to the next level. 

I know I want to start an agency but not yet, will you be offering this training again?

We aren't sure when (or if) we will offer this training again - especially with direct, live support. This will be the only opportunity to get direct access to both Safa & Tina for questions and support throughout. 

Plus, it is never to early to start planning your agency! Even if you don't plan on launching it for a year or two (or maybe even three!) it is really helpful to have a clear plan for where you are headed so that the actions you take NOW will support what you are creating in the future. (And who knows, you might find yourself ready to launch your agency sooner than anticipated.)

I'd love to start an agency but the whole thing feels overwhelming to me...

We totally get it - and frankly, that is why we created this program. An agency has a lot of moving parts that need to be strategically thought out and implemented. I'm going to talk more about the biggest mistakes folks make in their agency (look for that email in a couple of days) but one of them is making it up as you go. If you aren't strategic and purposeful with your agency from day one then chances are it will feel overwhelming and like "too much". Yes, there is work to be done to bring your agency to life but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. 

About Your Trainer - Safa Harris

With a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and years of experience in the electrical engineering industry, Safa has honed her skills in developing systems, processes, and team building.

During her corporate career, she managed 7 and 8-figure budgets and led teams of up to 60 people. She has been involved in hiring and training over 300 individuals! While climbing the corporate ladder, she was also building a highly successful transportation and logistics business with her husband. In 2019 she started dipping her toes into freelancing and after becoming a Certified OBM® in 2020 she began supporting other business owners in growing and scaling their ventures.

Safa is firm in her belief that financial success and self-sufficiency should go hand in hand with the well-being of individuals and society. Balancing these elements is at the core of her mission, and she is dedicated to helping businesses achieve not only their financial goals but also their goals of creating a better work environment for society.

About Your Host - Tina Forsyth

After starting her own coaching business in 2000, Tina Forsyth quickly saw the need to partner visionaries with high-level support. With her natural ability to bring both strategy and implementation to the table, she began working with 6 to 7-figure leaders within the coaching industry to help manage and grow their businesses. Thus, the role of the Online Business Manager (OBM) was born.

Tina is a pioneer in the world of online business – having founded the International Association of Online Business Managers in 2009, the home of the Certified OBM® Training. In the 15 years since its inception, the OBM industry has become established as a key role on the team of fast-growing online and virtually-based businesses.