There is nothing I love more than supporting entrepreneurs in creating a business that serves them (and their pocket book.)

At the risk of sounding cheesy, I believe that we all have a gift that can become a really cool business when we connect with the people who truly need us. This business thang ain’t for everyone, but if it’s for you then *high five*!

So how do I serve? Here’s a list of the various programs, books and such that I get to spend oodles of time on each and every day. Feel free to click away on anything here that tickles your fancy.


The Entrepreneurs Trap [print book]
Becoming an Online Business Manager [print book] – if you have any interest in becoming an Online Business Manager (OBM) this is your first step. I wrote this book specifically for people to get a really clear picture of the role so they could say “hell yea!” or “no way jose” to becoming an OBM. As I like to say, being an OBM isn’t for the faint of heart so you need to know if it’s a good fit for you before trekking down that road.
Money, Meaning and Beyond [print book] – created together with my long-time friend and former business partner Andrea Lee, this super cool little book is chock full of quick, simple nuggets on how to build a meaningful business. I love this little book, one of my all time favs.

For the virtual support professionals in the crowd:

The Implementer’s Club
Online Business Manager Training & Certification [training program]– for those who have said “hell yea!” to becoming an OBM this is the next step. This is an intensive style training that gives you the A to Z skillset and mindset to thrive as an OBM. Twice yearly trainings.
Online Business Manager Academy [training programs] – ongoing training programs for Online Business Managers who just can’t get enough (which is pretty much all of us right?)
  Online Business Manager Mentorship [coaching program] – this is a year-long business building program for OBMs who are ready to rock the world. By invite only

For the service based entrepreneurs in the crowd:

CEO Business School for Transformational Leaders

For y’all 

TF-031-130 Coaching & Consulting [with me] – yes, I do work with folks on an individual basis when my schedules allows. I love to roll up my sleeves and dig into your business to get it in tip-top shape for what’s to come. >> More on this here

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