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Just read this tweet from Pam Slim wow, for such an amazing and prolific woman, what a bad website. And it made me realize something… that in the online world, our websites are the equivalent of ‘business attire’. And a poor site can actually reflect negatively on the person in the same way that […]


We just announced our newest Hot Skills VA Training program – the ‘Basic Website Design & Maintenance for Virtual Assistants’ course. Both Cindy and I have been wanting to teach a course on how-to do basic website changes for quite some time now, but really neither of us is qualified to teach the ‘latest and greatest’ […]


I came across the coolest tool today – Website Grader is a free seo tool that measures the marketing effectiveness of a website. You plug in your URL and it gives you an analysis of how well your site is setup from an SEO and marketing perspective. Here is my report card for – […]


I got quite a nice little treat in the mail today – a copy of Sandra De Freitas’ new book Does this Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat? Having had a blog now for over 3 years (did my first post in September 2004, yowza!) i’m a HUGE fan of setting up your website using a […]


For those not familiar with Google AdSense, it is an advertising system that automatically delivers text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your site and your site content. You’ve probably seen them on some sites, a little box/column titled “Ads by Google” followed by a few ads offering various things. Is it a […]


You know, if someone was to ask me the ‘secret’ to building a business online I would say it is one simple thing: Capture the email address of anyone who visits your website An email address in the online world is the equivalent of a business card in the offline world. Say you are at […]


A Cool “Pink Spoon” Website

by Tina on February 10, 2005

in Your Website

Hey everyone, I just helped a client launch their first “pink spoon” website. Check it out at: (Update June 2005: The above link takes you to a copy of the website I did for them in February 2005. The actual site has since been changed as i’m no longer working with this client) Sidenote: […]


Video for websites has been lurking around as the “next best thing” for a while now. But it hasnt been very easy to set up due to technology, download speeds etc (think of video files as audio files on steriods! they are just that much bigger/complicated). This is the first easy to use system that […]


One of the key nuggets that I got from the Website Clinic with Dean Jackson last week was the purpose of a website – get your visitors email address so that you can “engage” with them and start to build a relationship. And it clicked for me today that you can *not* actually create a […]