Keywords Are … Well, Key!

by Tina on September 19, 2014

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Keywords, the select words and phrases you focus on in your website name and copy, blog posts, and even social media, are a vital part of your brand’s online marketing strategy. Choosing the right keywords and developing a keyword strategy are among the first steps to building an online presence around your brand – it […]


Social Media is STILL one of the hottest topics amongst business owners today, regardless of the size of the business, regardless of the target market, whether they are online business only or brick and mortar or somewhere in between. Social Media Marketing is often the topic of discussion. If I can be completely transparent with […]

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You hear that an important rule of marketing is to “know your audience,” but what you don’t hear as often, is that it’s just as important to “know your platform.” Crafting the perfect social media post is about the means and the message. Each social media site has it’s own personality and language, you want […]


You would never walk into a networking event and just start handing out business cards blindly, right? Pushing your products or services on social media is the same thing. Just like at live networking groups, you want to get into conversations with people first. Social media is not an advertising tool— it’s a relationship-building tool […]


What do I need to include in my launch plan? We’ve talked about the 5 launch channels (from video #1) and how to advises your clients about which one is best for them (from video #2) – now it’s time to plan baby! The thing is, how do you know what to include in your […]


What kind of launch fits for what my client is doing? Now that you understand the 5 launch channels (from video #1) let’s dive deeper into how you can recommend to your clients what kind of launch they should – and more importantly should NOT – do.     “Powerful & Effective Launch Management” Training […]


How do I know which kind of launch is best for my clients? It can be mighty confusing to decide what type of launch is best – and it starts with understanding the 5 different types of launch channels.   “Powerful & Effective Launch Management” Training Program AVAILABLE Now    Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post […]


Can I share a pet peeve of mine? (One of many, hehe…) I get annoyed when I purchase something and then continue to receive emails saying “hey, buy this thing!” This happened to me over the past couple of weeks. I purchased a program on October 13th which started on October 27th… and I’ve received […]


I’m sorting through your responses to my social media survey of last week and just want to make sure that your burning social media question is on the list so we can answer it in my free video series starting next week. Be sure to sign up here to be notified when the videos are posted each […]

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It’s time to come clean. social media marketing confuses the heck out of me. Now this might seem funny to you right? Given that i’m the Online Business Manager “expert” out there, you would think that I know this social media stuff inside out. I get that social media is a key business building strategy […]