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by Tiffany on November 6, 2015

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Have you ever considered how much time gets wasted in searching for stuff?  If you have ever started with a new client who was less than ‘tidy’ in the management of their files and ops, you know exactly what I mean (and if you are a virtual support professional, I dare say you know it […]



by Tiffany on November 4, 2015

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Leadership is a bit of a loaded word. Often when we talk about leadership, we are talking about the person every one ‘sees’.  Because of that, Online Business Managers do not alwaysassociate ourselves with being leaders.  After all, we are the behind-the-scene folks and we like it that way… the wind beneath the wing of […]


Of all the attributes I am looking for when hiring new team members, I have to admit being teachable or having a teachable spirit is likely at the top of the list.  The reality is no one knows everything and there is always something to be learned, especially as it pertains to working as an […]


Are you a bit stuck in your business growth? either working with the same clients you have been working with for years in a transition a bit longer than you had planned on (without clients) simply can’t figure out how to land ‘ideal’ clients? If you just answered yes to any of these three questions […]


This is the time of year to layout the PLAN, to determine the strategy, to write it all and check it twice… to find out if you are naughty or nice… sorry a bit caught up in the moment, well kinda.  See what I want you to know is this:  ultimately YOU ARE SANTA and YOU […]


I enjoyed a wonderful conversation with a relatively new business owner recently.  She is in the start up phase of her business, looking to share her message of hope with the world.  (I love the excitement of start up business owners… it’s almost contagious.) We talked about what she wanted to create and why she wanted […]


  It’s Cindy Greenway here, your Virtually Successful Video Summit Correspondent. I’m wondering if you can relate to one of my painful business experiences. When I opened my official ‘virtual doors’ back in 2003, I was SCARED. I was a first time mom to a 6 month old boy and a government employee with a […]


Tina’s brand new book has hit the Amazon shelf!! Going to share just a couple of points about the book in the video below.. watch it and grab a copy here: http://www.EntrepreneursTrap.com. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on […]


Do you have a big vision for your business but not enough time, creativity, focus, etc. to really accomplish all you desire to create within YOUR business. Often when we are so focused on our clients and all that needs to be accomplished in serving their businesses, we come up short in growing, maintaining and […]

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There is an aspect of being in business for ourselves that can be a hard pill to swallow… especially when you are in a business that is very “personally” focused. My business is very much a part of me and who I am (which I think is true for most of us in this day and […]