I just want to brag on my team…

by Tina on May 23, 2011

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I remember about 2 years ago now when I decided that I was ready for the next level in my business. Up until that point I had pretty much been a DIYer – I literally did everything there was to do in my business (and quite honestly enjoyed it – I’m a tech geek and I love doing stuff. :)

Then my coach said to me “Tina, if you want to walk your talk then it’s time you hired your own team…. get help for yourself”

That was literally a bop over the head for me (or a “duh” moment quite honestly.) And yet I knew he had hit the nail on the head. Not only was it impossible to do everything I wanted to be doing moving forward, it simply wasn’t the best use of my time to be updating websites and sending broadcasts and such.

And so I started proactively building my team… and i’m at the point now where I simply couldn’t imagine doing it without them (nor would I want to quite honestly.) These guys rock, and so I wanted to brag on them a bit here today.

Tiffany Johnson – she is officially my Online Business Manager which means she takes care of “all the day to day nutty stuff that goes on around here.” And she’s darn good at it. Not only does she make sure stuff gets done but she gives me a slap on the wrist from time to time, ie: “No Tina, we can’t launch 8 things at once”…. hehe.  Tiffany also LOVES being an OBM and loves supporting the OBM industry at large, which means the world to me and to the folks in our programs as well. Together we are our own grand experiment of what it means to grow a biz and support each other in our roles/responsibilities. We have lots of fun together and actually look alot alike too.

Ana Hillis – our VA “behind the scenes” extraordinaire. Ana works directly with Tiffany and helps to get stuff done. She takes care of alot of the things that keep our engine running for various programs, making sure stuff gets sent out on time, chasing folks down for info, etc. Plus she has a knack for product creation (one of her specialties) – so if you need someone to help create various products and such Ana is your gal. Note that I’ve never actually talked to Ana – believe it or not – she has only ever worked directly with Tiffany (one of the benefits to having an OBM!) and yet I feel totally connected and supported by Ana. She rocks. :)

Marki Talley – web techy gal and ezine producer. I’ve actually known Marki for many long years now, since we met working together at CoachVille circa 2002. Marki has been around these halls for many years now, once upon a time as my “helping out with a bit of everything” gal and has since shifted her focus to more techie/wordpress work. However I wouldn’t let her go away totally, so she agreed to stay on to help produce/send out my ezine… phew! I have yet to throw a techie project at her that she couldn’t figure out, love that.

Tanya Watson – video recording & production. She records, edits and produces all the video recordings for our various trainings and programs (including our week long OBM Certification program.) Once upon a time I used to record my own videos, now i’ve “slapped my own wrist” and Tanya is the one to do it all from A to Z. End result? We get complete recordings for all our stuff loaded up and ready to roll.

So how about you? Who are the awesome folks that make your engine run? Do tell. :)


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