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#virtualassistant – have you ever wondered “should I start my own team?” if so check out this training first AFFILIATE LINK

are you thinking about creating a team for your #virtualassistant biz? check this out first AFFILIATE LINK

The inside scoop on team based business.. the good and the bad AFFILIATE LINK

if you’re thinking of hiring #virtualassistants for your biz, you need to check this out first AFFILIATE LINK

Team Based Business training for #virtualassistants who want to grow and expand their business AFFILIATE LINK

#virtualassistants who want to create a team based business should check this out first AFFILIATE LINK

BEFORE you start your team based #virtualassistant business, you want to check this training out first. AFFILIATE LINK

stop struggling with building a team based #virtualassistant business, get trained here AFFILIATE LINK

Get the ‘behind the scenes’ scoop on building a team based business here AFFILIATE LINK

Building a multi #virtualassistant team but everything seems to be getting away from you? AFFILIATE LINK


Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ Status Updates

Sample Copy #1

Have you thought about building your #virtualassistant business and hiring others to work for you?

Before you do that, check out this training, hosted by Tina Forsyth and Chelsea Berler. Don’t make the same mistakes so many others have! AFFILIATE LINK

Sample Copy #2

Have you ever thought about wanting to build your own multi-va team?

I know many #virtualassistants who have tried and struggled to build an efficient team-based business. If this is something you’re interested, check out the good, the bad, and the not so ugly truth about building your own multi-va team. AFFILIATE LINK

Sample Copy #3

Have you ever thought about creating your own multi-va business? Or perhaps you’ve already starting hiring #virtualassistants to work in your business and support your clients.

Before you do anything else, check out this on demand training that will give you ALL the ins and outs of creating a *successful* multi-va business.   Learn what you need to know, what kind of investment is required, how your role will change, and what you need to be ready!

All the information you need is here >> AFFILIATE LINK


Blog Post / Solo Promo Email Sample

Have you ever thought about creating a multi-virtual assistant business? I know a lot of virtual assistants see this as a natural way to build their business and to make extra money. And it is.

But, do you know:

– how a team-based business model really works?

– what it takes to make money with a multi-va team?

– why clients want to hire a team based biz?

– the investment required to start this type of business?

– what YOUR role is in all of this? (yes it will change – you won’t be able to just work on client work … and you need to be ready)

Bottom line, creating a team-based business isn’t for the faint of heart, and you need to know what you are getting yourself into before you go down this road (there is simply too much at stake!)

If you’ve even slightly thought about the idea of creating multi-va, team based business, you NEED to check out the ‘How to Create Your Own Thriving Team-Based Business’ program – created by Tina Forsyth and Chelsea Berler.



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