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What are business owners asking for 7 why do they want (and need) to hire an #OnlineBusinessManager? Find out here AFFILIATE LINK

Are you a potential #OnlineBusinessManager? Check out if you’re right for this incredible role AFFILIATE LINK

What are the 2 key #onlinebusinessmanager characteristics that will make you stand out from the crowd? AFFILIATE LINK

How will you serve your clients differently as an #OnlineBusinessManager than as a #VirtualAssistant? Find out here AFFILIATE LINK

What’s the good, the bad, and the (not) so ugly about life as an #OnlineBusinessManager? AFFILIATE LINK

What’s the best way to get started with new #OnlineBusinessManager? This book tells you everything you need to know! AFFILIATE LINK

Are you a #virtualassistant … but possibly an #OnlineBusinessManager in the making? Here’s how to know for sure AFFILIATE LINK

#OnlineBusinessManagers are growing at an alarming rate! Are you a #virtualassistant who wants more out of your biz? AFFILIATE LINK

Calling #VirtualAssistants – Are you an #OnlineBusinessManager in the making … or perhaps a reluctant #OBM? Find out here! AFFILIATE LINK

Facebook Posts/Updates

Facebook #1: There are many professionals out there who have the skills to be working as an Online Business Manager they just haven’t realized that this opportunity exists.

Because of this, there is a gap between the business owners who are looking to hire an OBM and the people who could potentially be working for them in this role.

Are you an #OnlineBusinessManager but you just don’t know it yet?

Find out here AFFILIATE LINK

Facebook #2: Becoming an Online Business Manager is a great choice for anyone who wants professional challenge, simulating and enjoyable clients and a freedom-based lifestyle.

Do your spidey senses tell you that you’re an Online Business Manager? Or maybe you just need a little bit more info?

Check out the ‘Becoming an Online Business Manager’ book here AFFILIATE LINK

Facebook #3: Are you an Online Business Manager in disguise?

There are many online professionals (such as #virtualassistants) who are already doing OBM level work for their clients but don’t realize it. These people are selling themselves short in the marketplace and even in the eyes of their current clients.

OBMs in disguise usually come to realize that they are doing more than what the virtual assistant role calls for.

Are you an OBM in disguise?

Click here to learn more and to confirm is the Online Business Manager profession is in your future. AFFILIATE LINK


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Online businesses are growing at an alarming rate, and many online business owners find themselves “tapped out.” They simply can’t do it all themselves anymore and are desperately seeking someone to help them grow and manage their business – they are looking to hire an Online Business Manager [your affiliate URL]

Have you hit the bursting point in your VA business? Stop struggling to keep up with ‘too many’ clients and start to work less and make more with a select few clients – become an Online Business Manager. [your affiliate URL]

Calling all virtual assistants and online support professionals! Business Owners Are Lining Up to Hire a New Level of Management Support – Will You Be Ready When They Come Knocking? If You Have Ever Wanted More From Your Virtually Based Support Business, Now is the Time. [your affiliate URL]

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