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If you would like to refer any of our products or courses, I insist you do so with an affiliate link so you can earn great commission!
Earn up to 25% on any referral purchases, including:
  • Becoming an Online Business Manager (print book) – a great way to introduce people to the role of the Online Business Manager (and to get them interested in making future purchases which you will get credit for) – 25% affiliate commission on all purchases (earn $6.25 per sale)
  • The Online Business Manager Starter Kit  (Free training) – a complete step-by-step plan for starting an OBM business, great for anyone new to the industry or making the transition from VA to OBM –

  • Pricing, Packing & Incentive Video Workshop – perfect for the virtual assistant or online business manager who wants to stop exchanging hours for dollars – participants will learn how to price their services so they can work less and still make a great income (getting out of the time or money business model) – 25% affiliate commission on all purchases 
  • How to Create Your Own Thriving Team-Based Business Training Program– for virtual assistants and online business managers who are interested in setting up their own ‘one-stop-shop’ team-based business – allowing them to expand their expertise, serve more clients and build a team of top notch professionals – 25% affiliate commission on all purchases 
Click any of the product links above for affiliate resources to make your promotions quick and simple.
Note that when you promote any of the above  you will also earn fees on future purchases from your referrals, including workgroups, mentoring and training sessions that are offered on a regular basis.
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Here are a few suggestions for how you can spread the word about Becoming an Online Business Manager:
  • post your affiliate URL in Facebook, Twitter and various other social networking avenues
  • do a product or course review and post it to your blog or send out in your ezine
  • do an audio interview/podcast with me to post on your blog or send out in your ezine – we can have fun in a quick 10-15 minute chat!
  • do a written interview with me to post on your blog or send out in your ezine – just send me the questions via email
  • offer a free teleclass to your network on the topic of Becoming OR Hiring an Online Business Manager (depending on who your market is) – i’m always happy to offer a free class up to 60 minutes in length
  • post a graphic of the book on your website, blog or ezine
  • place a text based classified ad on your website, blog or ezine
The specifics:
Commissions will be paid quarterly on any balance of $50 or more in your account. No commissions will be paid on canceled or refunded orders.
Please note: Unfortunately, you cannot sign up as an affiliate and apply the commission for your own product or service purchase or subscription.
Spamming is NOT allowed. Violators will be removed from our affiliate program immediately and commissions will NOT be paid. We are not responsible for inaccurate claims made by affiliate members.
Please be certain to comply with FTC regulations and inform your peeps that you will receive a commission as a result of promoting the above mentioned products.
And of course we welcome and questions or suggestions that you have – email us at

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