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Tina ForsythHi, my name is Tina Forsyth and I’m an entreprenuer.

It’s only been recently that i’ve been willing to claim that (little ole me, an entrepreneur? say what?) After all, my first job was as an accounts payable clerk, then an executive assistant, then a marketing coordinator – all of which were basically “secretary” type jobs. Not what most people would consider an entrepreneurial start.

However my journey has taken me from secretary to CEO of my own business. And given that i’ve been in business for over 10 years now and am happily in the multi 6-figure range I guess I have earned the right to take on the title. Even though at times I wasn’t sure.

I love business. Especially online based businesses (or the application of bricks & mortar biz online.) Since my first foray into the online world in 1999 (with a co. that went dot com bust) i’ve been working for myself – first as a contractor working for other biz owners (doing everything from recruiting to managing online businesses) and now as a business owner in my own right (where people work for me now, and yes that still feels a bit wierd at times.)

And the thing is, as much as I love having my own business it can be hard… really hard at times. I wouldn’t change a thing of course as it is ultimately very fulfilling, but at the same time I feel like people don’t share enough about what is *really* going on behind the scenes in their businesses. We talk alot about the “to-dos” of building a business – how to market, how to get clients, how to create products, how to build a team, etc.

What we don’t talk enough about is the other stuff – the personal stuff of being a business owner. Like what it feels like the day you realize that the people on your team are actually smarter than you in many ways (eek?) What do you do when you start to get bored with the things that are making you money (double eek?) Or better yet, when those things that were making you money aren’t anymore.

I believe that owning a business is the best personal growth journey that there is – i’ve heard other people say that many times and it certainly is for me. The good, the bad and the ugly… it all contributes to making us the best possible version of ourselves that we can be (even when it sucks.)

If you are a linear thinker like me, here are some of my stats. I’ve been working online now since 1999 – over 10 years now – in that time I’ve:

Wow, I almost impressed myself there, LOL (On that note, when was the last time you listed out your accomplishments? It’s actually quite fun, I hadn’t done it in a while.)

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